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As a business owner, we all know how much effort goes into attracting and converting just one customer. Recurring orders enables us to not only capture that ever elusive first order, but further allows us to turn that initial order into repeat business, without having to send out endless marketing emails, etc...Simply convert the order and sit back and let the system do the rest app handle the rest.....I don't recommend running you Shopify store without it...


Best customer service on Shopify. Brad, answered all questions we had and they were a joy to deal with.


Brenden Is the absolute man! He quickly got everything installed for me and was clear about how to use the app and where all the resources were to get the most out of it. I look forward to this tool helping us grow! As a luxury men's socks company this has been incredible for us! Allowing our customers the thrill of receiving randomly selected socks shipped to their door every month is amazing. It is extremely well integrated within shopify and is easy to manage........ And MAKE MONEY! Love this app and the customer service is amazing. Very reachable and extraordinarily helpful with the integration process.

I am by no means a programmer and Bold gets that! They helped me every step of the way setting up this streamlined process to revenue growth. They communicate effectively and efficiently we were up and running in no time!

Wholesale Graphix

We implemented a loyalty program where existing customers would subscribe to our site, and receive free or reduced shipping on the products we sell daily. It helps build loyalty within our customer base, in a highly competitive market.

Oral Care 365

Easy setup! Mohammad did my liquid update soon after my request. Still in store setup phase but I don't have to a worry if this app will work or not.

Fitmeals Com

I think this is super easy not just to use but to set up. I do not have any type of experience abd I join shopify and became an expert. The developers made this super easy and a great dashboard to manage all subscriptions... Good Job guys

Bonnie Rogers

The recurring app is fabulous and creates sales where they might never have been. In fact I filled an order today for a client that gets 3 units a month. Very cool. The order just shows up in my email and I ship it :)

Support has been great. Kevin responds quickly to help with any issue. I had a simple question and it was answered quickly

The recurring app is wonderful. The product I have on it is Sex Butter/Boudoir Butter, an organic vaginal lubrication-alternative.

People need to reorder each month, or every few months depending on what they personally need. It helps me know how many I will need and makes life easier for my clients and myself in knowing that the product will arrive when they need it and they don't need to remember to reorder.

Just a big thank you on putting together the app and also for fixing the issue so that we can change the date, so that local taxes are taken out and we can adjust the amount etc of when the products should be shipped

Much appreciation

Bonnie Rogers


We started working on our company / brand around the beginning of this year. We've tried other subscription apps such as Charge Rabbit, but all-in-all , from experience of past businesses - we've realized how powerful Recurring orders really is. So we decided to get Recurring orders right off the bat to get our subscription based business going. [Sock Subscriptions - to be exact :]

I believe membership / subscription based businesses are blooming in this era & I'd definitely like to get my start-up on the right foot and ahead of the game. At the moment, we've been paying for recurring orders; but have yet to truly utilize it due to the variety of projects we've been juggling & brainstorming [ which is almost all subscription-based ].

But all in all, I'm definitely looking forward to fully utilize and convert our store using Recurring orders as our backbone operations, as I've heard from my business partner that it is an extremely powerful subscription app that allows for ease of maintenance once the setup is complete.

I would definitely recommend Recurring orders for future subscription based Shopify stores, if they ever needed a referral for one. & I would definitely use Recurring orders for all our future subscription-based stores. Especially if our business is predicted to make enough to cover the monthly cost - it's definitely worth it to get started on the app right off the bat.


LOVE the support and help I got from this app/Bold. They are amazing and the set up was super simple. I would highly recommend this!

Okuma Nutritionals

Thanks for getting me live quickly Bradley!