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Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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The Skincare Box

I have been setting up my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and have been having trouble setting up and integrating the sale and the app. However, Chintan was incredible and actually gave me a call and helped me fix part of my code for the app in 10 minutes and saved the day! Thanks, Chintan!!!

Developer reply

November 29, 2019

Hi there! We're glad to hear that Chintan was able to work with you over the phone to help you get your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales working for your customers! It's such a busy time of year, we've got a ton of help this weekend to make sure all of our customers are able to get things working on their store as intended.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else going forward! And best of luck with your sales this weekend!

Mālama Mushrooms Hawaii

I always feel intimidated by integrating apps into my site but Bold makes it easy and with team members like Cody in customer service answering any silly questions I may have, it's a no-brainer!!!

Developer reply

November 27, 2019

Hello there! Please don't ever think your questions are silly. :-) We're more than happy to help with any questions you may have - whether big or small - as everybody's knowledge varies when it comes to technology and business.

We've got experts on our team for a reason, and that's to help you! So please remember that we'll always be ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.



Jennifer was a huge help and she taught me something. Only been using it for a couple months but seems good so far. ..

Developer reply

November 27, 2019

Hello there! Thanks a lot for the review; we're glad Jennifer was able to help you out and even teach you something! We love being able to help our merchants better understand how they can use our apps.

We're glad to hear you've been enjoying the app so far - please let us know if we can assist with anything else! And, we look forward to seeing your subscribers increase. :-)


Customer service rep, Rahul, is very helpful and has helped me trouble shoot issues I was experiencing several times. I appreciate his knowledge of the Bold apps and his professionalism.

Developer reply

November 26, 2019

Hello! We're very happy to hear that Rahul was able to help you get things working properly with Bold Subscriptions. We're sorry you had those issues, but it's great to hear that things are now working as they should.

Thank you for contacting us, and we're glad we could help! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else. We look forward to seeing your subscriber base continue to grow!


Great App - Had 2 issues over 2 days and both time CS were able to remedy the issue. Thank you Cody and Kelsey

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hi there! Thanks so much for the review; we're so sorry you ran into some issues using Subscriptions, but we're glad to hear that Kelsey and Cody were able to get things working for you.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

Caffeic Coffee Roastery

Bold Subscriptions get better and better every year. Also, customer service is fantastic. I've had several questions ranging from simple to complex, including new feature requests. Just today (a Saturday) I asked for a new feature and in less than an hour, Rebecca had made the change and my website was updated. Thank you for a fantastic product and service!

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hi there! We appreciate hearing that you've noticed the work we put into Bold Subscriptions, thank you so much!

We're always listening to our customers, so we really appreciate you reaching out with feature requests! We're also happy to answer any and all questions, so thanks for reaching out, and we're glad Rebecca was able to help you out! :-)


I really wanted this app to work but with at 18 step installation process that makes no sense at step 3 (Add something that doesn't exist and click the Continue button that also does not exist) is ridiculous. Tried chat and they were not able to help either. There was no way that I could make it work or use it online.

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review; it helps us evaluate where things need to change. I'm very sorry you had a poor experience with us, and I understand you have decided to go with a different app, which we completely understand and respect, as you need to do what's best for your business.

Regarding the in-app verifier you were utilizing, there is an option that says "Next Step" which would skip over the Build-a-Box test setup since you weren't on a plan with that feature. I have spoken with the product manager, to look into making this language more clear, however.

I see that a couple of our app specialists reached out - I wanted to apologize that one of the responses was not answering what you had asked about. However, it looks like Alora was able to provide you with some documentation that would help make the setup more clear.

Again, my apologies that this was not something that you found helpful. We hope that you have continued success with your new app, and should you ever want to try Bold Subscriptions again, we can look at having one of our specialists work more closely with you to get the app set up properly.


Abhishek and Melody spent a fair amount of time with me on a number of issues in my store. They spoke with experts on an issue with many aspects of my customers' experience. They were very helpful and worked with me when there were process flows that needed updating. This highly responsive technical team is so helpful every day, and very quick to answer any questions.

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hello there! Thank you so much for leaving us a review of your experience with our customer service gurus.

We're really glad to hear that Abhishek and Melody were able to work with you on the issues you ran into; we're very sorry you were experiencing some difficulties to begin with, but are thrilled that everything is now working as expected!

We look forward to watching your subscriber base continue to grow; your food looks incredibly delicious!

Spoiled Lips

I had all my questions answered in a timely fashion by Rahul. I enjoy using all the features this app. holds.

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hello there - thank you very much for taking the time to leave us a review. We're really happy to hear that Rahul was able to quickly answer all of your questions about Bold Subscriptions! We're happy to hear you're enjoying all of the app's features. :-)

Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.

Shop J.A.C.K.I.E M

Just downloaded this apps coupke days ago, so I haven't gotten the full use of it, however their customer service is amazing, and they get the job done! The app so far is working well after having it altered to suit the needs of my store. I'm really liking it! Thank you to the guys who assisted me

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Hi there! Thanks so much for choosing our app, and for leaving us such a nice review. We're so glad to hear that you've been able to access our customer service team already in order to customize the app for your store!

We look forward to seeing how you like the app once you get to try it out fully, and please don't hesitate to let us know if we can help with anything else! :-)