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Bold Subscriptions


Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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I have been having a load of trouble getting bold to recognize subscriptions properly. There have been a number of attempts to 'fix' this over the past several months but they have all been ineffectual. During that time I have 'lost' numerous would be subscribers because of the app failing. This is going to be my last attempt before switching back to my prior provider.

Developer reply

April 12, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review. I'm very sorry you have been having trouble with the app for a couple of months now; we would love to speak with you over the phone to discuss the details of this in more depth, and get to the bottom of the problem more quickly.

We've reached out to you to confirm your phone number since we were unable to reach you initially; please let us know if there's a time that works best for you and we can get to the bottom of this.

Aqua Pura Bracelets

this app misses a lot of my subscriptions. The customer service is 2/10. Takes days to reply and gives excuses to not fix the problem occurring.

Chai Walli

I installed this app one week ago. After installation I wanted to trial the app so I didn't make it live yet. However, my customers could not complete any purchases after I installed this app. Every time a customer went to click "checkout" it would go to a blank page that said "Bad request". So I uninstalled the application, which caused even more issues. Bold has embedded their code everywhere in the back end of my shopify theme code, which has caused my site to malfunction and caused my business a large amount of loss of sales. I immediately contacted Shopify, my theme code developer and Bold to assist. Bold did not assist to fix the code problem, I have not received a single call back from Bold, I have not received any updates from Bold. I have tried to email them to get an update and ask them to fix it but I'm stuck with a website that has their code written on the front end of the customer view site. I am not a coder, I have no coding experience which is why I pay for shopify, pay for the theme and pay for a Bold subscription to use their support. I installed Bold because of the reviews it has. However, my theme developer has told me Bold is notorious for doing this, I wish I had never installed Bold. It disturbs me that I only installed Bold for a trial and it has caused me and is still currently causing me loss of sales due to customers not being able to complete their purchases and due to Bold's code appearing on my websites shop front causing customers to click away as the site looks terrible as things are not running as they are meant. I am really disappointed and frustrated. I don't know what more to do. This is my livelihood and for an application that I haven't even made live to have that ability over my site is disturbing, especially that Bold has not taken the right measures in a timely manner to even fix their mistakes on my site. I'm really not happy with their products and I do not recommend them. I have requested compensation from Bold for my loss of sales which I have not received any response to.

Quince and Co

This app has one job: Facilitate subscriptions. We launched our subscription service yesterday morning. Many customers were charged multiple times, some up to five. Many are justifiably furious at us. First Bold tried to blame the merchant account, then Shopify, and now they just won't call us back or email us. They have offered no solutions. Basically a shrug of the shoulders is what we've received. Complete joke.

Doer CBD

This app doesn't uninstall from your site/theme cleanly. Leaves a ton of code embedded and if you delete the remaining files from the "snippets" area it will break your site. Piss poor would be my rating, a good developer wouldn't leave garbage from their app on your site if you wanted to remove it.

New Alpha Nutrition

Absolutely awful. An error with this app meant that my customers were charged again and again for no reason. Took ages to resolve. Meanwhile because of this my chargeback percentage went up to 10% for two months. Customer Service very slow to resolve with no definitive resolution, months in. Disasterous app.


TRASH. WAITED DAYS for them to even install it. Then issues within the App and trying to add Stripe, very glitchy and sketchy. Had to refill in a LONG info required section 5 TIMES.



Clever Owl Paper

I set this app up to create subscriptions. I've used BOLD apps before and I know they are a pain and never display the way you want them to but thought I'd give it a try anyways. After getting everything set the way I wanted, I realized it had completely altered some other settings within my site - specifically within the cart. The product images were gone and replaced with hyperlinks. Product prices and totals were also gone. I deleted the app and spent the next hour fixing everything this app messed up. The app itself doesn't do what I want it to do and although it offers a 90 day trial, there is no way I'd pay the ridiculous price this app has after that trial. Its frustrating to use and set up. It's lacking features (as most Bold apps are). Just DON'T!

Silverberry Genomix

Your support is responding to our request in a very unprofessional way and it is awful. Paul seems just want to get rid of the ticket by sending some vague instructions.

How can we get someone to actually help us with our request?

Smart Wax Lab

Destroyed my store. Broke multiple buttons, asked bold to uninstall it from my code but they refused and instead RE-INSTALLED it. Bulky store-interrupting code is not removed when you delete their app. Had to give them staff access (for the code uninstall they did not do) and they did not fix my buttons their code broke and they uninstalled another unrelated app that I had running abusing their admin powers.