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Bold Subscriptions


Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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Good app, but has major flaws for our business due to the non-integration of Shopify coupons. (Shopify won't give them access to the coupon API). We have hundreds of loyalty coupons that are generated for our loyal customers, but they cannot use them on subscription orders.

If that's not an issue for you...this app works great!

Another major customer complaint was that no additional (non-subscription) products could be added to subscription orders.

Dame Box

Enjoying it so far but haven't had enough time to really see how this app works before launch. Review pop up keeps appearing so thought I would answer now to stop it popping up again (might be something to fix). So far so good.


I will update this review once things have settled: it will either stay at 3 stars or go up to 5.
So far, the app works as intended but its features are not very well adapted to our particular needs - we deliver organic veggies to customers' door. We struggle with the fact that the app sets weekly/bi-weekly deliveries based on the date the customer bought the subscription, rather than the date the customer wants his veggies delivered. There is a bug that prevents customers from adding products to their subscription. We had to pick the Recurring Cart option, which doesn't have the Swap feature. Having one of the veggies out of stock stops the order from being generated, whereas we would just swap the missing veggie for a similar one at the warehouse. Plus a few little annoying things.
BUT - so far, Bold's support has been excellent. Its technical team is working on the bug, Victoria and others are extremely responsive. I will have to pay for customization work, but I do understand this app is designed to serve most of the needs of most users. I am hopeful that once my issues are resolved, I will be able to leave a 5-star review.

Azzuro Groves

We can't use this app until it is integrated with Loyalty Points otherwise regular customers can't redeem their points due to the automated nature of the app.

Meal Time Box

Converted from ReCharge to take advantage of a couple features and due to a technical issue that ReCharge hadn't fixed (was not syncing with my shipping zone with Shopify). I really liked the swap product feature at first, but turns out it wouldn't be supported anymore, and it was a little buggy to use. The "add to existing subscription"/delete product feature was a decent replacement, but was not an intuitive, straightforward process to customers and required too many steps. There was also an issue of customers being charged for different products and quantities than what was exactly shown on their product list. Support from Bold Apps has always been awesome, and I wish the software worked smoothly for us.


We are selling custom software on subscription and want to integrate our billing with Shopify since it's such a sophisticated shopping cart. We need to do recurring billing to make that possible. We tried this out and found it wasn't a perfect fit for our needs. The software we want to sell through Shopify can't interact with this plugin because it doesn't have it's own API that we can talk with.

This would be a great plugin for the right kind of customer but wasn't for our needs.

The Vintage Beard Company

So far it seems to be working properly. I am waiting on a couple of issues to get fixed by support so that the subscription widget displays more neatly on my site. Also, for some reason the %off for pre-paying in advance does not display correctly to the customer when they select longer frequencies to obtain a lower discount. One of the other downsides is that customers have to leave their account on your website to go to an external site to manage their orders. Lastly, and the biggest reason I am giving a 3 star, is that it would be nice to have a simple function to charge the customer full price for the 1st subscription, and then give a nice discount for their 2nd and ongoing orders. This would help ween out a lot of those folks that just signup for the initial discount and then cancel a week later claiming they signed up by accident. If support pulls thru on those other two issues and they make the app a bit functional towards a variety of ways to setup, then I may bump my rating up a star or so... Overall though, I do see where this app is something I want to continue using because I have set my current orders up in a way that I think will bring good steady revenue, as I have had some success in the past with similar apps.

Iceberg Coffee

This was a solid app but it wasn't for me. Support was OK the first time, then it trailed off.

I would definitely recommend it.


The app is great however It has to be easier to install for the non-tech savvy.


The app works fairly well, and customers will buy through it. I do have two issues.

1. Tech support is great when you sign up and need the code installed. After that, it is slow and practically non-responsive. This has always been a gripe of mine at Bold.

2. The control panel is confusing to customers, and they cannot make changes to their subscription. If they can, they don't know how and neither do I.

Everything else is pretty good. The app does what it says and is well thought out. I have been able to build a subscription customer base with this app.