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Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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Ullo 2

Bold Recurring Orders & Subscriptions has been a great addition to our Shopify store. From the back end it is very easy to use and gives you all the information you could want. I've rated the app only 4 stars for the following reasons.

(1) Bold performed the install and didn't properly test to make sure the code worked with our shops theme. This resulted in iOS users not being able to check out and purchase and took a couple of days to deduce the problem. However they worked with us to find a mutual resolution to this problem.

(2) Customizing the look and feel of the check out and order confirmation emails can be a little cumbersome but not the worst.

(3) It is a personal pet peeve of mine when Shopify Apps say $19.99/month and then in the fine print mention that they take 1% of the order value. Not to mention that Bold only makes the 1% known on their website and not the Shopify App store website. This is annoying and if your app is good enough you shouldn't worry about the 1% people will inevitably use it if it adds value.

If you want a subscription service definitely choose Bold Commerce. It isn't perfect but its the best you're going to get and with the right questions/requests you'll get it up and running without a hitch.

Vivo Life

But the Add to existing Order button is often hidden.

City Raised

Allowing us a 90 day trial of the app is very helpful. You made the installation quickly and your support team is very responsive. A bug was introduced during the installation, so I would suggest your team does a simple quality test to ensure the add to cart and checkout functions work as expected. My variant function was broken, so two of our orders went through and resulted in a customer complaint and loss of revenue for us. That being said, the service is free, so no complaints from me. These types of things are just the cost of conducting biz. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the services you provide.

Dose Training Solutions

I've been using this app for a few weeks now and I love what it's doing for me. It was so easy to set up and I'm already getting orders. It's really awesome seeing what the projected revenue for the year is going to be and I can see this really helping me better understand that lifetime value of my customers.
Sure, I'll do that :-) press ENTER

Femmesdemenage Ch

Would be five star if it would support recurring payment by email invoices.

Www Ecomania Com Au

This app works perfectly and allows my customers to continue their journey of a healthier lifestyle without the hassle of remembering to order products when they are getting low. The support team were fantastic during setup, which is really easy to do. This app works so well I have never had to contact them again :)

Noje Inc

My company uses Bold Subscription at - check it out if you'd like to see the functionality in action. I'd definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to offer a subscription service on their e-commerce site. Their customer support team has been super responsive and helped resolve a couple small bugs within a day or 2. This app definitely has more features and flexibility than the other subscription apps out there, so I'm definitely pleased.

This app also makes it super easy to offer customers discounts & other incentives to help boost your subscribers. I really love the insights it gives into your subscriber base as well, and there are so many options for customer emails you can send out it's almost overwhelming (in a good way)!

There are a few missing features and/or quirks with the app that I would love to see changed in a future update (fingers crossed):

1: If my customer opts to pre-pay for a subscription the app takes them straight to checkout instead of adding the item to the cart and having them keep shopping. This works for some of the items in my store, and may help some store owners with conversion rates, but most of my items are pretty low margin and I would prefer my customers subscribe to more than 1 thing. This has lead me to remove the prepaid option from my site.

2: I would REALLY love to be able to set a minimum dollar amount for subscription items in my customer's cart. With my business, if my customer subscribes to, say, a single chocolate bar, I would likely lose money due to packaging costs. If I could set a condition that the customer must have at least $25 of product in their cart to subscribe, I'd be very happy.

3: The app has you choose between offering a subscription either on the individual items in your store, or on the full cart at checkout. When I did the install I thought I would be able to offer both, but unfortunately that isn't the case. This is kind of limiting in my UI and reduces my customers' ability to sign up for subscriptions. I'd like to be able to offer subscription both on the product page, AND the cart checkout page to encourage people to subscribe.

Like I said before, this is the best subscription app out there and customer service has been so incredible. Thanks, Bold!

Farmers To 40

A little confusing at first, it just takes some committed time and you can figure it out. Once you get it figured out, the cost is certainly worth the benefits. It seems like there's a conflict of interest if they're asking us to write a positive review for the chance to get a reward...

Earths Living Clay

This is exactly what we were looking for.
Very easy integration thanks to the tech team at Bold Apps.

Try it!

Vapescenter Com

I'm using the app to capture buyers who might otherwise only buy my products once. The secret to any business is sustainable and predictable revenue. This app will allow me to launch a Subscribe and Save Program focused on eliquid for the vapor or ecig crowd. I am confident that we will be able to build a sustainable business through this program. Wish me luck, I'm just designing the program now.

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