Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions


Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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Thebeautyshop Ch

Very misleading. The 1% TRANSACTION FEE was not displayed by the pricing on the shopify app store.

The Barn Coffee Roasters

In the midst of our christmas sales, the Buy Buttons Urls of the App changed without prior notification. So the button links for all customers were directed to an Empty Cart. When contacting the support, they claimed "changing the button is not possible after creating.". Super Sad.

Curls And Confidence

I have been using this app for two years, It was not properly installed but since my subscription list has been built on it, I cannot switch over without losing my list. It has been my greatest issue in terms of my business. I am a subscription box but they have me under the reoccurring product APP. I need assistance with my new upgrade. I have spoken to their support team but they have not been able to assist me. Why am I paying for an app that doesn't do what I need it to do? I am sincerely stuck when it comes to BOLD, because it does not do what I need it to, and I get laughed at when I call for support. All I need is an app that gives me a section to offer my clients to sign up for the subscription box and bill them. They need to be able to choose 3 boxes, 6 boxes, or 1 year. Not subscribe and save on the same product.

Mama Zeds Homestead

Had previously thought that this would be a fantastic app - how wrong I was! Have had nothing but install issues, server crashes and outages where they cannot explain why the app is not working. Was told this morning it could take a couple of days to fix the app on my site through something that has happened on their side, NOTHING I have done. I launch a subscription box business in a few days so naturally, waiting for them to figure out what could be wrong and MAYBE fix it is not an option. Sorry guys, can't wait around on an unreliable app, going elsewhere.

Credible Foods

Here is why this app is worth a 1 star rating.

I installed the app 3 weeks ago after reading endless 5 star reviews. As a fellow Canadian company I was excited to support an app built in Canada. This is what I experienced.

After first installing the app I had a problem with the orders not going to the recurring order checkout. I contacted support and was told that someone would take a look at it. I received an email back informing me that everything was fixed. It wasn't. I contact support again and let them know I was still having a problem with the orders not showing up properly in the shopping cart. I was told that they would fix the issue and make my store a seamless experience. That didn't happen. While they did fix the issue of the CURRENT products going to the correct shopping cart, any new product I created would still go to the Shopify cart. I decided to call the support and was told that someone would contact me later that night or the next morning. That has not happened (it is now day 3). I have had to delay my store opening by 2 weeks already and am now facing a third week.

Throughout this time I have been sent emails pandering for me to leave a positive review, starting when I first downloaded the app and hadn't even used it. The fact that you beg for positive reviews should have been a red flag and explains why you currently have a 5 start rating in Shopify apps.

I will happily be uninstalling the app this week and look forward to working with recharge for my recurring subscription needs. This entire experience has been awful.

Bent Hook Outfitters

Sorry but customer support has not gotten back to me.

Krill Heart

I liked this app a lot when I first began using it! It has a great interface and is fairly intuitive. It also has pretty solid customization options for creating a variety of subscription packages.

But a rather annoying issue came up recently- I had a customer call me for the first subscription order I ever received over the phone. Most customers usually order online. She really didn't feel like placing it on the site, so I was happy to help her place the order over the phone.

I went into the back-end of my Shopify site, as suggested by Shopify for placing phone orders (placing a high volume of orders through the front end of your site can cause it to be flagged, as all of those sales end up being tied to one IP address). After I placed, fulfilled, and shipped the order, I noticed it did not come up in the Bold Recurring Orders app. I chatted with them shortly after, only to find out that manually entering orders into the back-end of Shopify does not communicate with their application. Mind you, the product I sold was a pure subscription-only product. This was something I was certainly not expecting, and made me lose some confidence in the app.

Long story short, I ended up being left out to dry and was only able to charge my customer's card one time for one month of a recurring subscription she was very excited to receive. There is no remedy for orders placed this way through this Bold app- and it made my company look bad in my opinion. It's quite an embarrassing phone call to make. Luckily, I just started running AdWords campaigns around my subscription offer- or else this issue could have scaled massively.

I hope someone reads this and is able to avoid the annoying situation I am currently dealing with! I might switch apps, depending on the quantity of phone orders I get for my krill oil subscription going forward. If you don't plan on getting phone orders, this app should work quite well for your store!

Good luck :)


Think about it twice before using this app. Horrendous support! No support staff available on weekends so if something goes wrong with their system (which is very glitchy to begin with) too bad for the customer. Their system failed this past weekend so no recurring orders were processed. I was unable to reach anybody until the following Monday, missing on a very large chunk of revenue. They fail to understand that companies depend on their product and do not take responsibility for the performance of their software.

Randys Attack System Wrestling

So far this is a complete piece of shit. I'd have given it 0 stars if I could've.


The login rarely worked for customers. Customer service was unhelpful. Overall waste of money. I should add this has gone on for months with little assistance.