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I am fairly new to this app and so far I am pretty satisfied with the ease of creating subscription options for my customers. I really like to the diversity in frequency of shipping with their option. I do have a bit of an issue with the coupon codes not seemig to sync between the app and the Shopify store, as we do offer % discounts as well as free shipping discount codes to certain customers. Overall, so far I am pleased with using the App for my company.


**Update: I have reduced my star rating from 5 to 4 based on: (1) customers not being able to pause subscriptions (just push the date out) and (2) not being able to see or follow up abandoned carts (I think this is possible with Cashier but not with just this App) and (3) there was at least a day when the cart simply wasn't working at all due to an unexpected Shopify update on the backend. Guidance for customers on how to log in and adjust subscriptions doesn't exist which is also a significant weakness - I see on Hotjar a lot of people struggling with this. The support staff are still exceptional and the App has allowed me to build a subscription business and so despite these weaknesses it still deserves 4 stars. **

Bold have repeatedly asked me to review the app, as do most developers, but I wanted to wait until I had a decent amount of experience with it, which I now do.

The app has great functionality and the team is fast to help. It's remarkable what you get for only $20 a month. I won't go into all the features - I think Bold's sales pitch does that pretty thoroughly!

The best thing you can get from reviews is knowing where the skeletons are. So that's what I'm going to do, but keep in mind this app is categorically a 5 star offering.

In the back end it feels like you have two stores, with parts of it syncing really well, and other parts being manual and sometimes clunky.

For example, I have found the process for deleting items from your store and then from the Bold's app difficult. There is a clear guide from Bold on how to do this, and it should be simple, but clicking the links in the app to fix issues with having deleted items on subscriptions often just ends up with the fix 'hanging' - much the same as the cursor on your Mac turns into a spinning colourful ball. I have found that if you leave it for hours it eventually works. I've brought this up with the team but haven't had success in getting them to understand the problem (they think that I'm not able to follow the steps, but I can, it's an issue of speed.)

Coupon codes don't sync between the app and the Shopify store. This isn't a huge deal for me as I'm not using hundreds of them. It's something to consider though if you are using a lot of coupon codes as depending on your business you may often be entering them all twice.

You also can't give a 0% or $0 discount with a coupon code like you can in Shopify. This may seem weird but there is a use case for it - you can sync Bold with Refersion (which is great), but if you want a referral code to only reward the referrer but not the buyer then you want the buyer to enter the code, have it trigger in Refersion but not discount the purchase price. The use case here is that if the Referral partner is a charity and the buyers are motivated to enter the code to help the charity and not to get a discount. This is a rare example, but still getting out in the open.

But again, this is a $20 app, and see all the cool stuff it does in Bold's description. It still easily gets 5 stars - the value for money is remarkable. I just want to add value in this review by telling you what they obviously won't.

I can't fault the functionality and flexibility in what you can do with subscriptions, in terms of having one off orders and subscriptions, having a mix etc etc, clearly described in Bold's sales pitch. It's all true and amazing.

The portal for the customer is functional, but without spending money on development (which at this point I can't afford) it does not bring any 'delight' to the customer. It does what it needs to do, but the user experience could do with some improvements. The first thing I would do is create a video that appears when the customer logs in for the first time which would show them what all the buttons do and how to use them. For example, of course the store owner knows that the customer can reduce the next order without reducing the following orders, but the customer doesn't know this. A tech savy person may work it out, others may just delete their subscription. So communicating the amazing flexibility of the software with the end user is a huge potential area of improvement. Polishing that portal up for out of the box users would also be great. It lacks beauty. Again, it's $20 a month. Perhaps they could have a second tier that costs more but has these additional features.

Be aware that there are loads of potential emails that can go to customers when different actions are triggered (such as a change in delivery date, qty, price, etc etc) and at some point early on you are going to want to invest a significant amount of time in customising those emails. The ability to customise them is a feature, but factor it into your planning.

The single biggest warning I will give to people considering this app is this: be clear about what you want to offer customers before you install it. Don't make my mistake. The app offers so much flexibility and functionality that it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking "whoa, I didn't even think about the ability to do that!". Before you know it you may start thinking about changing your business model because of what you can do with the app. This is dangerous territory - and a trap I've well and truly fallen into. A monthly subscription box is nice and simple. You can do WAY more than this with Bold's app. The question I have to keep asking myself is should I? Or am I falling in love with the technology and not the customers?


The recurring orders app is very good not perfect but I love it.
There’s some bugs with the language settings sometimes (French to English) but the support team is there to walk you through all the steps to resolve the issues! I would go further and tell you that the support team itself worth the price!


4 stars because i cancelled before implementing its service but i gave it 4 starts because their customer service is excellent...when sales and product line improves i WILL be reinstalling their app

Meiling Soaps

This is a great option for implementing a continuity program in your store. We uploaded it as soon as we opened, and it did not work. The basic math shows that you should have a good number of customers (and repeat customers) before offering something like this makes sense (for physical products anyways). A year later, we came back to this app and are very pleased.

Ullo 2

Bold Recurring Orders & Subscriptions has been a great addition to our Shopify store. From the back end it is very easy to use and gives you all the information you could want. I've rated the app only 4 stars for the following reasons.

(1) Bold performed the install and didn't properly test to make sure the code worked with our shops theme. This resulted in iOS users not being able to check out and purchase and took a couple of days to deduce the problem. However they worked with us to find a mutual resolution to this problem.

(2) Customizing the look and feel of the check out and order confirmation emails can be a little cumbersome but not the worst.

(3) It is a personal pet peeve of mine when Shopify Apps say $19.99/month and then in the fine print mention that they take 1% of the order value. Not to mention that Bold only makes the 1% known on their website and not the Shopify App store website. This is annoying and if your app is good enough you shouldn't worry about the 1% people will inevitably use it if it adds value.

If you want a subscription service definitely choose Bold Commerce. It isn't perfect but its the best you're going to get and with the right questions/requests you'll get it up and running without a hitch.

Vivo Life

But the Add to existing Order button is often hidden.

City Raised

Allowing us a 90 day trial of the app is very helpful. You made the installation quickly and your support team is very responsive. A bug was introduced during the installation, so I would suggest your team does a simple quality test to ensure the add to cart and checkout functions work as expected. My variant function was broken, so two of our orders went through and resulted in a customer complaint and loss of revenue for us. That being said, the service is free, so no complaints from me. These types of things are just the cost of conducting biz. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the services you provide.

Dose Training Solutions

I've been using this app for a few weeks now and I love what it's doing for me. It was so easy to set up and I'm already getting orders. It's really awesome seeing what the projected revenue for the year is going to be and I can see this really helping me better understand that lifetime value of my customers.
Sure, I'll do that :-) press ENTER

Femmesdemenage Ch

Would be five star if it would support recurring payment by email invoices.