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Bold Subscriptions


Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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The Black Seed Co

It's a hit and miss with Bold. This app is one of those, and I will happily change apps when I find a better alternative.
Main issues: Don't receive email notifications, and I can see other reviews complaining of the same thing, so obviously Bold trying to shift the blame onto 2 different email providers is rubbish.
No pause function, which is very misleading as they promote this feature on the app description and even have it as the default text on the subscription widget. So, pretty embarrassing when you advertise this to your customer and then find out it's not even a feature.


this app is what we need but the big problem coming from your Payment Gateways!!!!!
why we can not add other PSP than braintree and stripe????
find us a solution
thank you

Developer reply

March 27, 2019

Hi there, I wanted to apologize that we do not currently offer the payment gateway that you are using. Hopefully you will find our list of current providers sufficient in the interim, as we are always looking to add additional payment gateways.

Simtek Sensors

3.5 out of 5.

Solid product, good customer service.

However, we've had several issues with recurring orders not going through - even though it's setup correctly in the backend. Bold has had to manually make sure the orders recur, which is not good because it doesn't give us confidence that as we scale, this will be a reliable service.

Additionally, they only allow credit cards for recurring payments: No paypal, No apple pay or any of the dozens of other payment methods that users come to expect. Issuing refunds and issuing discounts and managing everything has to be done via their app, and not shopify. So if you have products that are not recurring, it create duplicative work and gets confusing.

At the end of the day this is a great option if you're just starting out and need to get a recurring revenue stream going. But, I'd hesitate to trust it if we're doing tens of thousands in MRR or ARR. That being said, if you get to that point it should be fairly trivial to build a robust system yourself anyway.


This app probably works very well for a simple business that sells subscription boxes only. It is not as flexible as we need it to be for our business, which does a combination of subscription products and one time purchases. The reporting and analytics generated are insufficient to form business decisions - the data requires a lot of massaging - real reports would be a great bonus. The support has been very good. I don't know if it will suit our needs as we grow.


Great app...when it works. We've had our one item used with this app that we want to sell pre-paid for a 1 year subscription revet to a regular product twice now. Because of this we have to email each customer who orders it with this error and have them reorder when the app is fixed. Keep an eye on your product listings when using this app.


Yes i like the app. There seems to be a couple glitches using my Responsive theme. On the subscribe drop downs the number and week or month over lap each other. Also when starting a new subscription item or category it’s a little confusing when trying to use max number of recurring orders. It makes me choose that in order to do a gift option. otherwise s good feature.


Very slow installation process. We have multiple sites using bold commerce and I feel they do not have enough staff to support their growth. Been waiting almost 5 days (3 business days)

Redeye Rhino

I would rate this higher because it is easy to use and affordable but 2 things.....

1. There are bugs in the app around data capture when a user signs up & the app charging the customer when you requested to "skip" charging the customer for the next subscription. This was a huge nightmare when you have 500 subscribers.

2. It is always a chore to get someone on the phone.


I like the app. It gets a 4.8.

I utter am sick to death of the pushes to review, check ins, tidal waves of emails and the push push push making sure everything is great. Insecure much? They have it dialed up to 11 and I hate it. That gets a 1. You can have too much of a good thing folks.


Please. For the love of god. Remove the request to comment and leave feedback popup. It's a UI nightmare

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