Ablestar Link Manager

Ablestar Link Manager

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Broken links mean less orders. Scan your site for broken links

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Discover Broken Links

Scan through all the pages on your site to identify broken internal links.

Track Vistors on 404 Pages

See when actual users encounter a broken link and end up on your "Page Not Found" page.

Fix Broken Links

Create redirects to send visitors following broken links to the page of your choosing.

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When potential customers click on a link to your website they're expecting to find information about your shop and products. Unfortunately incorrect or outdated links can leave your visitors stuck with a "Page Not Found" error (also called a "404 Error") with no idea where to go next.

That's where this app can help, the Link Manager app lets you track missing page error and fix them quickly.


  • Scan for broken links on your Shopify store
  • See in real-time when an actual visitor hits a broken links
  • Fix missing pages by redirecting customer to the correct page

Moving your existing store to Shopify?

If you migrate an existing store to Shopify you might be loosing customers and SEO value because of outdated links. Once you transfer your domain over the links to your product pages will change but that won't update your links in Google.

With Link Manager you can create redirects in bulk to send your customers to the correct page.

Did a partner make a typo when linking to your site?

With Link Manager you can identify traffic to the broken link in real time. Then, quickly create a redirect to the correct page and your customers will be sent to the correct page.

Product Support

We offer email support and we reply to all inquiries within one business day (but usually faster).

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  • 2 Site Scans per month
  • Site Scans limited to 50 pages
  • 20 Visitor Error per month



  • 10 Site Scans per month
  • Site Scans limited to 1,000 pages
  • Scheduled Site Scans (weekly or monthly)
  • 1,000 Visitor Errors per month



  • 50 Site Scans per month
  • Site Scans limited to 5,000 pages
  • Scheduled Site Scans (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • 5,000 Visitor Errors per month

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Marching Show Concepts

If you are looking for a way to manage the bad links on your website, not matter where they are coming from, this is the app. When we switched over to Shopify a year ago, I was really worried that links in old blogs would get redirected incorrectly and was I correct. With this, and a few hours of time, I was able to redirect all of the bad links to new pages, products, etc. This has also drastically increased our ranking on google because links will end up on a page rather than a 404!!! Thank you so much for this awesome app!!

Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver

This is a very useful app! We used it in tandem with woo importer to bring our store to Shopify from WooCommerce. This app found and posted more than 200 404 error pages and redirects between products we were able to correct.

Wrinkle Art Online

Link Manager has helped with many different link issues 404 error etc. I recommend using their app. If you like a site that can manage you link error use this 2 can app.