Redirect Bulk

Redirect Bulk

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Allow you to upload all redirects one by one or in bulk

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Upload Redirect URLs in BULK

Let you upload all redirects in one go using a excel file.

Handles any redirect(301, 404)

Never lose any customer because of new or 404 URLs.

Fully SEO friendly

Fully SEO friendly. Google searches with new URLs.

Om Redirect Bulk

Are you losing your store's traffic whenever you transfer your store? Don't worry, Our app creates URL redirects for all 404 or 301 pages. You don't need to mark redirects in Google SEO. Redirect Bulk does that for you. Google crawl automatically to the URLs and make never let loose any of your old customers.

Why Redirect Bulk?

We provide you with an easy way to create and manage all the redirects with very easy way. Our app lets you upload all the redirects using a simple CSV or Excel file (sample file available in the app itself). Also, let you notify after uploading all the redirects on your email.

Why fix 404s?

In addition to making for a bad customer experience, 404s are harmful to your search engine rankings, and therefore should always be fixed where possible.

One Time Payment

There are no hidden charges. Just pay one time and this app will be yours for lifetime.



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If I could give this piece of garbage ZERO STARS I would. MONEY IN THE TRASH. It was a one time charge of $39.99 which I will never see again. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL APP. I guess you learn from your mistakes.

Udviklerens svar

27. marts 2019

Hi There,

My apologies for the inconvenience you have faced.

Is it possible for you to share the concern that you faced with the app? Maybe we can help you out in the same. Please feel free to share your concern with our support email ID

Looking forward to your response :)

Ankit K.