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5. Januar 2019

We moved our site from another platform, and this app helped immensely. It was quick and easy to use, and did exactly what it said. Thanks.

Aerial Equipment Parts
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13. August 2015

So intuitive and simple to use.
No fuss and very effective - a super quick way of removing any broken links your website may have.
I can't imagine not having this app.

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26. Juni 2017

Saved lots of time using this app! Very easy to install and use. Auto suggestions are a great feature.

Sport Smart Caps
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30. Januar 2017

This is the best shopify url redirection app I've used so far, the predictive url redirect suggestions are saving me a huge amount of time each week and the interface is clean and simple to use. Just a great app, well worth the money.

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10. Februar 2018


A few months back, we had to delete a bunch of products and ended up with hundreds of redirects to manage. We THOUGHT we had found a great solution in another app that claimed to allow you to set it and forget and never have to worry about redirects again. Boy, that was a mistake.

As our Google rankings plummeted, we decided to recheck and found we were now left with thousands of redirects to manage.

TLDR: our previous app sucked and this app was the only way for us to manage a pretty chaotic situation. Our only problem was that we didn't find it sooner. Save yourself future headaches and don't believe everything you read from other redirect apps. This is the app that does what it claims.

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25. Dezember 2017

Love this app! Best feature is the auto suggestions that appear as you start typing - that saves a ton of time searching for the right url to redirect to! Kelsey was extremely responsive to questions and implemented a couple of custom requests very quickly. Very happy!

Gungoddess Com
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6. August 2017

I have done trials on 4 different URL redirect apps before Redirectify. This is by far the best app and has the functionality I need. Imports 404's from your Google account, displays intelligent redirect choices, and is easy to use. Two key stokes (tab and enter) are all you need for many of the URL's. If a product is discontinued, simply start typing "discont" into the search field and up pops your customized "Discontinued" redirect page. I am a fan.

Beaverhead Treasures Llc
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Bearbeitet am 14. Mai 2018

I have really enjoyed using this app and find it really helpful because it suggests redirect URLs for your broken links, and if it doesn't come up with the correct one, when you start typing in the name of the product, the predictive text will come up with some closer suggestions for you to choose from. This is one of the least painless url redirecting apps I have ever used, whilst still giving you individual control over every redirect.

The Chocolate Box Australia
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29. Mai 2015

*Applause* .....very, very well done :)

Yo Sox
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Bearbeitet am 29. September 2015

Great app! Not being a programmer, I have struggled to find ways to redirect pages which became a big deal not too long ago when I switched over to Shopify. Thanks to the creators of this app for a great tool! I look forward to seeing what might be added in the future.

Beads N Style
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