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Reel Recover

Reel Recover

Developed by Reel Labs

3 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Capture abandoning visitors the moment they exit.
  • Get one more chance to convert them on the spot.
  • Completely managed solution, no work for you.

98% Of your visitors will not buy on their first visit!

Reel Recover will target them the moment the want to exit

You get one more page view to convert them

See instant conversions with a 10x return

Automatically retarget via email without display retargeting

Grow your email list substantially without any work

Integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp


It's a fact that you shouldn't accept:

75% of what you spend on in-bound traffic is lost.

It’s been the subject of countless studies for years: 98% of visitors wont buy on their first visit. 75% probably never buy at all. They will visit your site, browse, maybe add something to their cart and close the window without any further action. That means that 75% of the money you are spending on inbound marketing is wasted because it doesn’t convert. And because you know that, you’re probably running a retargeting campaign to get them back, adding even more cost to convert that customer.

Now you can stop wasting your money on display retargeting and accept average results. Our recovery technology is constantly monitoring what your visitors are doing on your site and the split second they are about to close the browser window we’ll present them with an offer to convert them into a customer.

You will see an instant conversion lift through the offer and you can recover up to 10% of abandoning visitors email addresses for you to follow up and retarget.


How does it work?

Innovative Mouse Movement Analysis Technology

Our technology tracks exactly where your mouse was, where it is and where it is going. It’s like a heat map where we track your every movement and by analyzing the duration of your resting moments and your overall velocity we can anticipate when you are about to leave the browser plane and right that split second we can trigger an event to stop the visitor from leaving.


What are the results?

Results that increase your revenue right away!

We have seen completion rates as high as 10% for the email capture - 10% of the visitors that are about to leave you will give you their email address. Those visitors would usually be gone forever.

But the best part

Up to 20% conversion rate on the offer

For some of our customers that means an additional 50-60% of revenue a day


How much does it cost?

You name the budget!

No minimums, no maximums, no long term contracts. Just set your budget based on the number of visitors you want to recover.





You’ll also get full service set up, a dedicated account manager, unlimited offers, A/B testing, instant integration, conversion rate optimization, design services, dashboard, and our full expertise at your fingertips when you need it.


How much work is it?

None, we do all the work for you!

We know how busy you are, so we wont have you do anything except install a line of code and create a discount code to use. The rest is our doing, we'll create the graphics for you, sync the emails to your Mailchimp account and will send out the automated emails too. And if you don't have an email drip campaign set up, we'll do that for you! We'll design it, plan it, set up the timing and the frequency and all that is part of our services. At no additional cost.


Start right now and see the power of Reel Recovery yourself with a 2-week free trial. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Questions? Call us anytime at 1 (415) 408 6484

Reel Recover reviews

3 reviews
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Installed the App, made a discount code. Emailed the required text for the pop up box to Reel Labs and waited for them to contact me so i could see how the free trial went. Sadly they never contacted me even after me sending a follow up email to them to check on Progress.

Have now removed the app and wont be bothering to install it again. Waste of time & effort on my part and very disappointed in the lack of service.

Dont waste your time as there are other alternatives which im now going to investigate. Hopefully they want my hard earned money.

If i could have left a zero star rating i would have!!


First, let me say that I'm glad that the developer is addressing this need, even though I can't use the app until some features are added.

The first is that I'd like a little more control over when the first offer appears - if at all. I also want to integrate a solution like this with my abandoned cart app (or build the feature in here so I don't send duplicate emails). In other words, a great first step, and as with other apps I use, I imagine I'll be back when this has evolved more.

Update: After some back and forth with the developer, I am posting an addendum. I still like the idea of the app, but I'm not sure of paying CPA for a popup that appears so quickly during a visit, especially since I know that we would have had many of those sales anyway. I'm also not keen on CPA for emails captured on exit because our site has been the victim of some hanky-panky in the past (i.e. bots posting blog comments). Plus, the offer is given without verifying the email as valid.


Super excited to get this App rolling and start harvesting those folks who might have just left my site! Very appealing app!


$0.99 CPA

14 days

Support & Sales

Reel Labs
1 (415) 408 6484
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