Reeview Product Video Reviews

Reeview Product Video Reviews

Reeview Inc

Get Product Video Reviews & YouTube Video Gallery Testimonials

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Add Video and Embedded Video

Automatically get videos about your products from YouTube and show them on your site. Influence shoppers to buy more with positive videos.

Product Video Reviews Gallery

Customize our premium design video widgets to match your site. It's super easy to use! No co-branding or coding required.

YouTube Video Tracking

Track your ROI with real-time analytics. Keep shoppers on your site for longer and generate more sales!

Reeview Product Video Reviews 정보

What is Reeview?

Reeview automatically searches, verifies and serves product video reviews from YouTube, straight to your shoppers.

People are already talking about your products on YouTube. Control the conversation and keep shoppers on your site with our ground-breaking video widget that will increase time on site and help you sell more.

1. Super fast install

Simply add the app and let Reeview’s innovative technology get straight to work.

2. Pioneering YouTube search

With automatic product sync, Reeview’s unique algorithm searches YouTube for your most relevant, positive reviews. With intelligent filtering, it will avoid any competitor comparison videos and totally exclude any negative reviews.

3. You’re in control

Let Reeview auto-select the right videos or, if you want more control, feature your favourite product reviews in just a few simple clicks.

4. Countless customization options

With countless ways to customize it, you can change everything from the colors to the call-to-actions to suit the style of your store.

5. Speed-optimized and responsive

The dynamic, responsive widget works across mobile, tablet or desktop and boasts lightning fast load times. So whatever device your customers prefer, Reeview is designed to perform.

6. Track ROI and conversions

Track the metrics that matter to you, with a full dashboard displaying everything from clicks through to conversions, that shows how Reeview influences your sales.

7. Feature Highlights

  • Simple set up in less than 2 minutes
  • Intelligent product import that stays synced with your store listings
  • Smart Search technology which automatically finds YouTube videos of your products
  • The option to auto-select videos that are served or feature your favourite
  • Supports any YouTube video - add more than just your product reviews
  • Customizable widget to match your brand - change colors, text and call-to-action buttons
  • Import YouTube videos
  • Versatile video player with a number of smart layouts
  • Responsive, dynamic design to suit mobile, desktop and tablet displays
  • Lightning fast load times, with no impact on site speed or performance
  • Create your own key messaging for the video player
  • Powerful real-time dashboard analytics
  • Email and chat support from e-commerce specialists.


  • YouTube,
  • Facebook

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  • 50 products with video widgets

  • 50 emails/mo to request video reviews

  • 1 collected video review/mo

  • All video widget themes!



  • 200 products with video widgets

  • 200 emails/mo to request video reviews

  • 5 collected videos/mo

  • Automated Facebook posts with video reviews



  • 500 products with video widgets

  • 500 emails/mo to request video reviews

  • 10 collected videos/mo

  • White label video player

  • Priority support



  • 1,500 products with video widgets

  • 1,500 emails/mo to request video reviews

  • 30 collected videos/mo

  • Technical support

  • Onboarding call

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DR.HC - Happy Choices for Organic, Natural, Vegan Cosmetics

Installed the app (maybe a month ago). Completely free at that time. Then they suddenly changed the price. I didn't know that until I noticed all the videos desappeared from my website. I went to the app and was not able to access, unless I have to subscribe. They says they have free plan, but it's so limited in functions. It charges based on video views. don't want new functions , I just want to use the functions as when I installed the app, but it's impossible now. Decided to delete this app, don't like the way they force us to subscribe. Such a waste of time to setup. There's other better video apps in shopify.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 3일

This is Claudiu, the CEO of Reeview.

We ran a beta test of our app last month and we offered the app for free. You benefited from the app and were very happy with it.

We did not suddenly change pricing, we emailed all our beta testers before launching our app with the full set of features. The new pricing model is based on a fair cost that starts FREE and includes a Free trial.

We did not force our new pricing on beta testers, the new pricing is very clearly communicated in our video in your beta app and on our Shopify app page.

Our FREE plan includes FULL APP FUNCTIONALITY with a 30 days free trial that you can cancel any time for up to 50 videos watched.

In regards to setup time, our app takes seconds to install and get authentic product video reviews.

I personally spoke with you on our support chat and clearly explained that it’s Free to use our app for up to 50 videos watched and benefit from the full functionality of the app.

Claudiu Cioba
Founder/CEO of Reeview

very particular

Very cool app. They instantly matched the product review videos from YouTube to the products on my store. Claudiu was also very helpful walking through the product setup. Very cool.


Amazing app. They were very helpful with the app and gave me a direct number that I can call if I am having any issues. I lOVE IT !

개발자 회신

2021년 3월 1일

Thank you for your review and we're happy that we could help you!