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29 december 2023

Overall the product is easy to use but very poor in execution. You have to create what seems like a million discount codes which clutter your shopify discounts area. You have a seperate tool to upload your look and feel which is archaic and not very intuitive. No gamification and little customisation on what is offered. Overall the product is very poor especially given the other products on the market.

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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 3 januari 2024

We appreciate the feedback. Seriously.

I noticed you guys signed up again right after the first account was cancelled. We are very eager to make your ReferralCandy experience better the second time around.

In the meantime, let me go over some of the concerns raised in the review and see if that can help get things sorted:

"easy to use but poor in execution"
We work hard to simplify the process for most merchants regardless of size, but we understand how execution wise that it sometimes may not be the most optimized experience for the more larger sized merchants.

"millions of discount codes"
We have had this raised in the past, and we're looking at long term fixes with our product team. In the meantime, we do append prefixes to all our discount codes to allow you to easily filter out/in any ReferralCandy generated codes.

"Separate tool to update look and feel, feels archaic"
I'm with you on this. We have heard this before from other clients and we have been diligently getting our product folks to pay attention to this feedback

"No gamification"
We currently don’t offer a loyalty-type of program as we’re focused on referrals and have been for the past 10 years. Referrals differ from a loyalty program as referrals focus on getting your store new customers - less hoop jumping for your customers, just straight up rewards to successful referrals

I look forward to hearing back from you. My team and I will be ready to assist.

- Jaime R

Bewerkt 18 juli 2023

Easy to set up, support was great - Kathrine was really effective at getting us help with the last steps of our testing and deployment.

No referrals - didn't work for us, and totally overran our discounts tab.

The Hyperspace Lighting Company
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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 9 juni 2023

Thanks for writing all these amazing and honest feedback. We super appreciate it! :)
- Katherine

Bewerkt 2 oktober 2020

The app is functioning and support was good BUT despite fairly high sales of $10k per week, we're not getting purchases from referrals. Not digging that it only lets you have one referral program running and not multiple programs / offers... you're stuck with whatever you initially promise.

Alpha Gripz
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2021

NB: This review is from 2020, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

Thanks for the review! Some campaigns do take more than a couple of months to build momentum. We are also working on offering more rewards flexibility. I hope you can give us another try once that is ready. -- Jaime R.

21 augustus 2018

I had high hopes for Referral Candy but the service was ineffective and and the customer service was disappointing.

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4 maanden gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2021

NB: This review is from 2018, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

Thank you for your feedback. I hope in the future you can give us another try so we can deliver a successful referral campaign and great support as we have for thousands of other merchants.

23 juni 2016

Wasn't very successful for me, the most frustrating part was being hounded with emails from them, had to ask them to stop!

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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2021

NB: This review is from 2016, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

Thanks for the review. Unwanted emails is a bad experience and I apologize for this. We have since made a number of updates that prevent this from happening and gives you more control over when emails go out, how often, etc. We hope you can give us another try.

Bewerkt 1 oktober 2023

I had initially written a 5 star review after being asked to many times by the (bordering on obsequious) customer support team.
Setup was fine, if rather time consuming.
Once in the testing phase, I noticed a couple of bugs - social media links didn't work on what they call the 'Share Page' and on mobile view , a horizontal scroll bar was visible on the front end - a sign that an element on the page was overflowing (a sign of poor web dev).
It's now been three weeks since raising the issues with support. Neither have been resolved and I was in fact told that to sort the mobile responsiveness issue, I should hire a web developer - TO FIX THEIR OWN POOR WEB DEVELOPMENT!
This left me pretty flabbergasted, to say the least.
I'm not a perfectionist, but we do have high standards and sloppy design like horizontal scroll on mobile and broken social links I'm afraid, fall way short.

Pixie Wing
13 dagen gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 21 september 2023

Thanks again for writing this awesome review and we're also hoping that our services will generate MORE sales for you!
- Cris

Bewerkt 17 juli 2020

Unable to toggle on/off! The app does what it says, however, if you wish to de-activate, there is no toggle on/off button. If you wish to cancel your free trial, there is no cancel membership in accounts/billing. There is a big Delete all information button, but it doesn't say if that cancels the membership. Please just add a few simple buttons to allow transparency for users to turn off program or de-activate account.

Kojo Fit
13 dagen gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2021

NB: This review is from 2020, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

I appreciate your feedback. Because of this, we are working on a better, more intuitive experience for users to want to cancel their ReferralCandy account. Thanks for giving us a try!

1 september 2016

This app has great bones, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

It is certainly a comprehensive app, with lots of control, lots of options and the setup and walkthrough process is spot on. Really great on that front.

After getting the emails setup, getting the app installed and running, I went to examine the "pages" that my customer sees when they are engaging with the referral program. These pages are flat out ugly and it is embarrassing to send my customers to these pages. They honestly feel like an afterthought, like someone just slapped them together and went on their way. I take great care to make the entire experience of my ecommerce site look nice and function nice. To add this on completely destroys that. I stopped using the app for this very reason. I simply cannot send customers to pages that look as awful as these do. They do offer you the ability to fully code and customize the layout of these pages, but for a non-techinical site owner, this is a monumental task that would involve hiring a knowledgable developer to do. Just like Shopify offers nice looking default free themes for their stores, ReferralCandy needs to do the same for these pages. I may return to this app if they fix the layout of these pages, but for now I will be using something different.

Anywhere Wild
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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 22 december 2020

NB: This review is from 2016, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

Thanks for your feedback! Our merchants have emphasized the importance of brand experience, and we've updated our Template Editor to allow full customization of pages and emails. We even featured some of the most beautiful designs on our blog.

We take brand experience seriously as well so I understand your frustration. I realize it's been a while, but if you happen to be looking for a referral program again, give us another try! We'll be happy to hop on a call and show you the upgrades to ReferralCandy's customization capabilities. - Bryan B.

14 september 2015

$149 a month if you want to use your own HTML templates for the emails that the app sends to customers. The standard 'free' templates are very basic with very few options. Discount code limitations mean that you can either have full automation or adequate fraud prevention, but not both. Very high fees for what is basically an automated email dispatch system.

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Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 22 december 2020

NB: This review is from 2015, about a previous version of ReferralCandy.

Thank you for your feedback. We took your feedback into account when we updated our app:

- All plans now include access to full customization of templates. There is no need to pay more for using your own templates.
- We have also upgraded our app to be able to generate unique coupon codes. So you can have the best of both worlds: both full automation and good fraud prevention.

We hope this addresses your concerns, thanks for trying us out. - Jaime R.