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152 reviews
Price: From $25.00 / month More info
  • Get more sales from word-of-mouth
  • Reward customers for referring their friends to your store
  • Easy install. 30 day risk-free trial. Get up and running today!

Boost your sales with a referral marketing program

ReferralCandy helps you increase your sales by rewarding your customers when they refer people to your store. We give your customers a personal reward link that they can share with their friends.

Easily add a refer-a-friend program to your store

Simple to get up and running today -- no developers needed! Check out this short video that walks you through the ReferralCandy setup process.

How ReferralCandy works:

  • A customer buys something from your store

  • We send them a coupon code to share with friends

  • When their friends buy from you, the customer receives a referral reward
  • Everybody wins: your original customer gets rewarded, their friends get a discount, you make more sales and get a new customer! We do all the referral tracking, so you don't have to do anything. Here’s a more detailed example.

    Integrations with other Shopify apps

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    ReferralCandy reviews

    152 reviews
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    5. 1 star (1 review)

    **updated content here: Got a great email from the support team about our review (below) and it appears that they have 2/3rd's of what I thought was missing in terms of features. Kudos to them for the follow-up and I have upgraded their rating because of the excellent service/support.

    ***prior review:

    This is a very limited package and if it doesn't fit your business model, you don't have much flexibility. We decided not to use it because of the very rigid rebate processing model: they process rebates at the end of the month. This means that you can't control when they get paid, or if they get paid. In our case, we offer a moneyback guarantee and that means there is no way for us to cancel the payment or modify it once a purchase has occurred.


    quick, seamless integration. shows if customer opened an email. unfortunately for us it doesn't create any referrals within trial period.


    Referral Candy is a great software with an amazing customer support. The staff has exceeded all of our expectations and the ease of their referral program is amazing. Our clients are sharing our story and we're confident that very soon are going to start getting succesful referrals. We totally recommend this software.


    This is a great app for anyone wanting a "Tell a friend about us and get (x) discount" offer for their store. Simply create your offer with Shopify discount engine, then let Referral Candy do the rest. It's really that easy! I had our referral program up and running in just a few minutes.


    Excellent App. Recommend it to anyone looking for a Referral program to provide your Shopify site customers!


    Very easy to install! I had been wanting to add this feature for a loooooong time! I am about 3 weeks in and I am not seeing any big increase in sales or the promo code I setup being used by customers yet, but I am going to keep it installed on my store. We get a little under 1,000 unique visits per day so perhaps once our traffic volumes are a little higher we will see some results. These sort of things are sometimes a numbers game in my opinion and niche apparel has a lower conversion overall from every angle, even organic traffic. For the minimal cost and ease it couldnt hurt to keep it installed and see what happens.


    This app is quick to use. I think it has a lot of potential if there's a dedicated resource in your company to monitor the progress/performance of this app.


    ReferralCandy is easy to use and super sleek. We love the clean design and feel of the app itself but also the emails being send out to our costumers.

    We aren't missing any features. The app does what it is supposed to do.

    We have been using the app for over a month now and are still confident about it but need more time to figure out what incentives really work for our costumers.

    A minimum of $15 is a bit hefty when compared to the overall price of Shopify itself and also if you need more than one month to figure out the proper incentives. A different price for companies based outside the US would also be appreciated.

    Would we recommend the app? Even though we are still waiting for the big hike in sales to happen its the best referral app we have tried out so far and are confident we can make it work.


    This app works great for spreading the word about our store. Zach at Customer Support is also quick to answer any queries I had. I would recommend it! It's helped sales for our store!


    The app was easy to set up and we were up and running in no time. We were impressed at how quickly word-of-mouth spread as soon as we started with the service, bringing us thousands in new sales so far. Would definitely recommend this.

    From $25.00 / month

    Plans start from $25/month

    You will be charged either a monthly fee or a commission on referral sales we generate for you.

    Find out more on our pricing page at www.referralcandy.com/shopify/pricing .


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