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2024년 2월 26일

This is a rudimentary software that does an ok job and we've been running it for years. However it has lots of bugs that have been there for literally more than 5 years and they do not fix them or listen to feedback.

The app is poorly designed and has innumerable annoying nonsensical features, like notifications and popups that you cant get rid of after dismissing them literally 100 times. When you go to your dashboard log in it takes you to a log out page and asks you to create a new account. When you go to an affiliate it takes you to an error page using 1990s terminology "uh oh goose egg!".

Every time I go on here it is an exercise in irritation and frustration. Dont bother giving them suggestions they never listen.

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답글 Refersion, Inc.개 2024년 3월 12일

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your experience. We have appreciated your partnership over the years and certainly regret that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction.

Feedback from our customers is a priority for us and does play an integral role in helping to shape our product’s roadmap. We are reviewing your feedback and will work to incorporate improvements in upcoming development cycles. Though we haven’t been able to connect to discuss directly yet we will follow up again with your team when we have an update!

2024년 4월 11일

The app is extremely difficult to use. Very little support

Dan The Baking Man
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답글 Refersion, Inc.개 2024년 4월 25일

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your experience. While we are unable to find any history of support requests from your team we are eager to better understand the details of your concerns so that we can best support you through them! We have made several attempts to connect with you - please email us at helpme@refersion.com when you are ready and we will be more than happy to assist you. We care deeply about supporting our customers and are confident our team and our robust offering of support resources can assist you through any difficulties.

2024년 3월 1일

I wouldn't recommend spending your money on this app. I've been using it for more than 8 months, and it hasn't generated enough sales to even cover its fees.

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답글 Refersion, Inc.개 2024년 3월 18일

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that your program has not launched to your satisfaction! While we firmly believe our app provides the tools to implement and run your affiliate strategy, it can sometimes take more time than expected to build a program. We certainly want you to see a return on your investment with us and we have made several attempts to connect with your team to help you strategize potential ways to grow your network or generate more conversions from the affiliates you’ve onboarded. When you are ready, please reach out to us via our support channel and we will be happy to help you.

2023년 8월 31일

This app is expensive, not intuitive, it is time consuming to setup and also to approve all of the conversions. It does provide a W-9 form for the Affiliates, so you will need to manually monitor that and the forms of payment are limited. If you need help from anyone... good luck. They do not help you at all outside of sending you links to figure out the problem yourself.

I will say though that Janice from Customer Service was very kind and even though she could not help me as much as she wanted to, she was the most helpful person I have ever worked with at Refersion. Janice is most likely the best employee in that company.

Só Dança USA
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답글 Refersion, Inc.개 2023년 9월 13일

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your experience. We do offer a tiered pricing model so that we are able to accommodate merchants at all levels of their affiliate marketing program, and we regret these plans did not meet your needs.

While we do encourage the review of all conversions, we do have multiple options for auto-approval. Should that be of interest please out to our team at helpme@refersion.com to have this activated in your account.

Thank you.

PS: We love Janice too!

2023년 7월 12일

I can not even enter the software. I tried everything. Reinstalling. Creating new account. Nothing work. No customer Service. Might have to move to other APP

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답글 Refersion, Inc.개 2023년 8월 9일

Thank you for your feedback and we are very sorry that you experienced trouble logging into your account. We have been unable to locate any support requests but have tried to contact you directly without luck. If you're open to giving our platform another try, we would love the opportunity to work through this issue with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

2016년 7월 6일

Be ready to being charged even if you want to cancel your subscription. Complete lack of support, but more than ready to charge your credit card.
Get ready to pay!

Irene Glam
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2019년 9월 20일

What's the point of having an affiliate program if you can't communicate effectively with them? What Refersion doesn't tell you is that your affiliates CANNOT read the messages you send to them from their mobile device.

So we sent an announcement to 200 affiliates and then went about our business. Two days later our Customer Support inbox is flooded with messages from our affiliates saying they NEVER got the message. Why? Because 100% of them accessed their dashboard from their phone.

When I reached out to support I received this response... "As of currently Refersion hasn't yet been optimized for mobile..."

So there you have it. If i'm managing an affiliate program, I would NEVER use Refersion, until it works across all platforms. An app that doesn't work on mobile? Dumb.

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2015년 6월 2일

Absolutely terrible support, steer clear of this company, I have been asking for support for days and nothing back, I have a lot of affiliates who are starting to ask about their conversions as well...What a nightmare

Nosefrida Australia Official Site
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2020년 8월 10일에 편집됨

I do not recommend this app. There is no delete/edit button for you if you’ve typed an error into a conversion/commission amount. If you make a mistake, You have to email Support for them to delete it for you. ‍♀️ Then to top it off, they don’t respond right away, you have to wait at least a week for the issue to be fixed. I don’t understand why they don’t just add an “edit” or “delete” button.
Instead of having the affiliates wait for their payment while they take their sweet time to get to it.
I NEVER ever complain or leave bad reviews! This is my first time writing one like this.. This means it has taken A LOT for me to get to this point. I will be finding a new app if they can’t get it together especially since this app isn’t cheap... I’m paying for their “best” package.

The Pink Makeup Box
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2022년 3월 3일

There are billing us both throughout Shopify and with our credit card. double charges, what a scam, I'll make sure to report that, you are counting on that a busy business owner won't notice and it will just go by.

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