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January 13, 2020

Support is great, they are very responsive on the chat and Andre has provided thorough information that has solved my questions each time.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
December 21, 2019

it's been a mess trying to get my affiliate program up and running. not entirely refersions fault but mainly payment rails but they have an integration with them and assigned me a contact at payment rails that just stopped answering after a while instead of assigning someone on their end to my case. so. I give up.

can app developers these days stop contacting me personally after I've written a review btw? just waiting for it to happen every time I write a review that isn't 5 stars. I have to start putting a disclaimer on every review that I will change my rating to a 1 if they do.

oh this is the reviews, I thought I was blogging.

do people still write blogs btw?

that's all for now.

Time spent using app: 22 days
June 21, 2019

Emma the help person is amazing and support in general is fantastic.
My main goal was to acquire new affiliates and I believe this is where Refersion could make better use of the market place. There appears to be no way of contacting any affiliates until they have joined your program. Your program will be listed in the market place but becomes buried very quickly after launch. The data reporting is very good btw... so our only criticism is the market place
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 18 days
Edited April 4, 2019

Not only is the app lacking useful data and insights, it also generated incorrect commissions. Support is poor. Over and over, promises were made by the support team and delivery dates of reports we requested were made but not followed up on. Frustrating experience.

[update from 1 to 3 stars]: We were able to get on a call with Refersion and get some background information on some of the issues and how to work with/around those, which provided some relief. We may add another star at some point if the support quality improves.

[Update #2 - Back to 1 Star] - The adjustments we waited on for a month had errors and were useless. Now waiting on a second try that is going on another two weeks. A huge frustration is the lack of communication from Erik. He has made multiple promises per week, fulfilled none of them, ignored my questions about the delays, and ignored my request to escalate the issue. Positive reviews mention Emma, so I've appealed to her and will report back.

[Update #3 - Back to 3 Stars] - Emma was very helpful and communicates well. When our customers use a discount code on an item with a unique affiliate commission, the calculations get messed up and need to be manually adjusted. The bad news is this took a looong time to sort out, and refersion response was slow in the beginning. The good news is they found workarounds that didn't require us to alter how we prefer to do business. So far, they have done the manual adjustments for us. Not sure if that will continue, or if they push that to us long term, or choose to automate. For now, the workaround requires refersion to run a monthly report to flag possible problem conversions, and for us to manually identify which ones are correct before approving them. We expect no more than a handful of problem conversions, if any, during normal months, and dozens, possibly hundreds during our annual sales periods. If your business uses discount codes and multiple commission levels for products, be sure to communicate that with refersion and get a plan in place.

Planet Of The Vapes
United States
Time spent using app: Over 6 years
July 18, 2018

If you are in a business that does well for affiliate marketing than great. This app brought in no sales over 7 months. Also, they need to make it easier to cancel. I tried to cancel and went into their dashboard and there was no option. I had to reach out to them and Shopify to figure out if I deleted the app would it stop charging me. They need to make this clear to customers.

Mobility Ready
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
Edited October 3, 2017

My experience was great up until the past month when I was contacted to update my credit card, stating that a charge wasn't going through. Puzzled since funds are available on my card, I responded inquiring about the amount they were wanting to charge - I have a protection that does not allow any charges to go through if I haven't pre-approved them.

After two attempts to get my response and two different people responding with simply "update your credit card number" (no response to my actual question), I received an automatic email stating that my account has now been cancelled due to unsuccessful attempts to charge my card.

I'm sad with a bad taste in my mouth with how this company went about evading my direct question of the amount they were attempting to charge and simply cancelling my account - it gives the impression they were attempting to charge more than I had agreed on.

I'd say the app itself works fine but the people behind it have raised many flags for me and I feel it a duty to share this experience.

UPDATE: After receiving a phone call from Shibo, it was explained that the cancellation was an automatic result from a final attempt to charge my card - it wasn't an intentional action.

In the end, Emma and Shibo explained that the charges they were attempting to put on my card were the same as my original payments which is all I wanted to confirm in the first place so I could dig deeper on my end. I've cancelled my subscription though I may return as a customer in the future. The app itself works fine for what I was using it for.

Bunny Butt Yoga
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
October 16, 2016

Easy to install and set up. Will update with more/less stars after I have used it for a few weeks.

Engineering Outfitters
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
October 6, 2016

Good software, although would like to see more social media support for our affiliates.

Mayjay Test
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Edited January 4, 2019

So far, so good! Shibo has been amazing at helping me get up and running. It's pretty self explanatory too.

I tried Leaddyno but it was a real headache.

So far I'm loving it!


I'm updating my review.

After using this program for a couple of years, I'm finding that the platform isn't intuitive anymore, there is only online support during "banking hours" and reports are not very robust.

While it's not horrible, it's not as easy to use as I would like, being a busy store owner. so I'm going to be looking for a new one.

Sonia Roselli
United States
Time spent using app: About 3 years
July 5, 2016

Just started out using this software. Looks good and easy to use so far!

Time spent using app: About 1 year