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22. Januar 2024

The idea behind the app is great! It is easy to install and configure. The problem is that it doesn't actually work. The same blog articles are suggested regardless of the article you are reading, or the subject of the blog post and you do not have the ability to change those articles either.
When I contacted support, they said they are aware of the issue and there was no way to fix it.

Stylin Spirit
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3 monate mit der App
Digital Darts hat geantwortet 23. Januar 2024

G'day. Thanks for trying the app. What I said was it's a temporary known issue for some issue, there's no way for you to fix it because it's a bug, and it is being fixed.

1. Oktober 2018

Update - the bugs reported 5 months ago still arent fixed

Thanks for creating this app, it generally works well. One issue that I think needs to be looked at is the "exclude Post by tag" function. This doesn't seem to work.

Edit - this is now working, partially. It excludes the blog post from the pool but then leaves a blank space when excluding the post, rather than substituting with another post. i.e. if you have chosen to show 3 blog posts then sometimes only two will show.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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16. Januar 2020

The feature itself worked fine but with my theme, the recent articles were showing in a column on the right and were not responsive so when I had a video inside the left main article column, the video would not adjust to size and lay over the recent article column. I removed this app, just too much work to figure out and customize the theme for it to work.

RowPhysio Shop
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18 tage mit der App
Digital Darts hat geantwortet 16. Januar 2020

The design is responsive and happily used by thousands of stores. The issue likely would have been the placement of the snippet as you had it installed in the right column. For help with installation if you choose to give it another shot, refer to: