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Beautiful Product Recommendations & Frequently Bought Together

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Create product sliders, recommendations, related products, upsells, frequently bought together as never seen before.

Helps discover your products

You can create custom groups based on what you consider can be a good combination of related products.

Increases order value

Customers can discover many products across your store which otherwise they wouldn't know existed.

Acerca de Upsell ‑ Related Products

You can add a section to your product pages that displays an aesthetic list of product recommendations. Displaying recommended products to customers makes it easier for them to discover new products, and can help to increase online store sales.

You have a total control on how the products are recommended to your customers on product pages.

Create custom recommendations based on products

If you have products that go along well with each other, you can display them as related products or recommendations. The title is in your control. You can even display them as 'People who bought this also bought'.

This keeps your website visitors engaged with your website and this also significantly increases the chances of them end up buying something fro you.

Create custom recommendations based on collections

If you want to display a certain collection to your customers as related products, you can do that easily with 2 clicks. Select the collection you want to display as recommendations on the product page, and select how many products you want to add in the sliders. That's it!

The app does not slow the speed of your website. It loads independently and can help you boost sales, increase page views and decrease bounce rates as well.

It also wows your customers because your website will look a lot more beautiful with such beautiful sliders.

Displaying recommendations and upsell products is a must-have feature on any online store. This app helps you do that easily. Not only the app is very easy to use, but the designs of the carousels and sliders are aesthetically pleasing. It can surely increase the look and feel of your website and brand, and can help your customers discover more products across your store.

Install the app today and take your product page to the next level!

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Was looking for related items plugin. Love it. I was surprised that there is only 2 reviews, in my opinion fantastic extension and super easy to use. Does what its suppose to. Thank you. A++++++

Respuesta del desarrollador

17 de octubre de 2019

This is very kind of you. I appreciate this. Glad that you like the app and thank you also for your beautiful review! Surely, we need more of such nice people as you are.
Wish you success and happy selling!

Blur Plus

Very easy to use, works without any setup or coding, and the recommended products look very modern.
Works as advertised. Thank you developers.

Ranger Corn

Good and very different app. Easy to use and helps highlight the recommendations. I like the way it helps customers know and see more products which they would otherwise not even know existed.
Also, the support was excellent. I need some help with my theme and they helped me out.