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Related Products ‑ Relatify


Related Products , New Arrivals , Trending Products & More

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Related Products by collection

Related Products app can show Products from same collections , type , tags . Related Products hold visitors longer.

Related Products by tags

Show Related Products by tags. The app checks the tags of current product and fetches the Related Products by those tags and display .

Add more widgets

New Features : Added new arrivals , trending products , hot products feature in the app on demand of our customers.

Related Products ‑ Relatify 정보

New update

New features added on high demand of our customers.

  • Now you can create new arrivals slider / grid.
  • You can showcase trending products.
  • Create hot products, featured products slider.
  • You can showcase all widgets (new arrivals, trending products and featured products) on homepage, collection page, product page, blog page, cart page.

Related Products - Show similar products

Show Related Products on any product , because visitors always search for different colors and similar styles on the product they are visiting.

What are Related Products ?

Customers always look for the Related Products with the product they are currently browsing. This app will not let customers go without viewing the product that they need and hence it increase the chances of more sales.

Showing Related Products always help customers to browse more for the design / pattern they are looking for.

This will show up the Related Products of the current product and give customers lot more new options to choose from.

You can customize Related Products

  • Number of Related Products in a row
  • Related Products Title , font size and color.
  • Customize price color , vendor color, product type color.
  • An option to choose to show compare price , vendor , product type.

You can showcase similar products on product page by the following parameters.

Related Products By Collection -

Showcase the Related Products from the same collection, the products belong to same collection will be displayed.

Related Products by Product tags -

Showcase the Products by tags. So the products having same tags will be displayed. You can also define , from which tags you want to show related products on front end.

Related Products by Product type -

Showcase the Products by product type. The products having same product type will be displayed together.

Related Products by Vendor -

Showcase the Products by vendor. The products having same vendor will be displayed together.

It is always a great idea to display the similar kind of products altogether to visitors so that they can have many number of products to choose from.

The app can help you to boost sales and generate more revenue.

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Starter Plan


If the sales generated by our app is less than $100.

  • Create related products slider for product page.
  • Customize layout, font & button color.
  • Related products based on Tags, type and vendor

Basic Plan


If the sales generated by our app is in between $100 and $500

  • All features of basic plan.

Premium Plan


If the sales generated by our app is in between $501 and $2000

  • All features of basic plan.

Advanced Plan


If the sales generated by our app is in between $2001 and $4000

  • All features of basic plan.

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Easy to set up, team very efficiency and fast ! Good job for that ! Just small bad points is the non possibility to put related product on the cart page. But an other app exist, would have been easier to put both on an only app. Again, the team is helping so fast ! Very impressed !


Very impressed at the promptness of support for this app. They were able to identify and solve my problem immediately.

New Zealand Shop

Very, very pleased with this app. It is doing exactly what I wanted it to. The support was fantastic and special customisation was undertaken for my particular site with efficiency and ease!