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UPDATE: First support reached out within hours not days or even weeks. WOW No other POD/AOP does that. I am impressed. If for no other reason, I will give ReliablePOD 5 stars on the communication alone. If you do any type of POD or AOP you know the struggle is real in the industry. Communication and Product quality can and sometimes is awful. This man took time to not just communicate with me but to show me from his POV what to do via video. And we discovered our POV isn’t the same software (?) There are still some issues that need to be worked out, but I am confident that we will figure it out. Key word there WE. I’m looking for a great POD that’s Reliable and has the same mission as me and that’s to be profitable. And I believe I have found such a POD/AOP. Again, mind blown with ReliablePOD and Paul. And I look forward to the samples I purchase! TRY THEM. I'll Update again after I order products and let you know what the quality is.
UPDATE: Thank you Paul that would be AWESOME!!! I really appreciate you reaching out!
I just installed and set everything up for sales HOWEVER the dashboard links are dead they do not work neither does the get started page. I've created products but there are some issues. Its not finding the collection and when i let reliable create a new selection the product doesn't go to it either. The only way to get the product that I created to the correct collection is to manually add it. Also, it would be nice not to have my art on the product page sad to say but all it takes is a right click and save to steal artwork. (speaking about art alone exported to my site) Is there a way to fix that? And last but no least It shows where and how Pay ReliablePOD but no place for me to receive payment. I've tried to find tech support but its like hunting for a needle in a haystack. So maybe this will reach support. I wanted to that so far I'm really impressed with the product it rough getting started when I hear from support, I will change the stars

Expressive DeZien
Reliable POD 已回覆 2022年12月15日

Hi Dezien

Thanks for the comments. Is there anyway we can arrange a skype or zoom call and I can go through this with you as its a little hard to communicate support on the reviews page :-) a couple of questions you are asking I don't understand such as the artwork and how you get paid would be great to do one on one

Im available anytime including weekends (today 17th Dec) if you need to arrange just let me know or drop me an email to



Easy to use and the owner is really really nice. He respond to your needs and you can feel that he cares. The app is easy to use and products are low prices.


I've used the App for one year now, it works very good for me. The products look nice and the support is fast.

Universal POD

The name speaks for itself. They are reliable and are competitive with pricing, quality of products, speed of shipping, etc. Everything that any POD seller would need to become a successful seller without worrying about typical issues other APPs come with.


Gave 5 stars for being a new company or new app on Shopify. I looked it over and one thing i would suggest is more mock ups. Went check out the neck gaiters and the mock up is a rectangle pretty much. in my 2 years experience nobody will buy products without at least a mockup that represents how the product will look when worn.

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