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Developed by ReloadSEO

Price: $14.95 – $44.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • On average our customers boost their monthly revenue with 20%
  • Send personalized emails to your existing customers with spot-on product recommendations.
  • Start sending more profitable emails with ReloadMailing

Generate more revenue with your store in 10 minutes!

As a store owner, you’ve got thousands of customers who want to purchase from you again. But you need to reach out with relevant emails. ReloadMailing is a trigger based email app that sends personalized emails based on your customers activity. ReloadMailing sends the right email at the right time to the right customer. Fully automatic!Within 10 minutes your store is setup and ReloadMailing starts making money

Email is one of the best ways to drive more sales for your shop. ReloadMailing keeps your customers coming back to your store.


  • Drive more visitors to your store

  • Send personal emails fully automatic

  • Leverage your existing customers for more revenue

  • Increase email revenue by more than 20%

  • More than 10 triggers for each customer

  • Very easy to setup

How does it work?

You determine which triggers you want to activate for your store. We offer a great selection of emails that will generate more revenue. Just adjust the template to your liking, activate the trigger and we will scout your customer database for customers that meet the requirements and send them a personalized email! Thanks to ReloadMailing you are keeping your customers close en keep letting the coming back! Our app saves you valuable time by automating all your email marketing efforts.



Personalize emails easily with customer details to give your emails a personal feeling.

Abandoned Cart

Email customers who start the checkout but don't purchase. Send up to three abandoned cart emails, even offering discount codes if you want. Our algorithm makes sure you never send an email to a customer who purchased already in your store.

Product Recommendation

ReloadMailing picks the best product recommendations to customers based on past purchases and the related products. No setup needed, our algorithm automatically picks the best products.

Winback Campaign

A lot of customers become inactive at one point. Easily reach out to these customers with a win-back campaign or by offering them a discount and see your revenue increase.

Purchase Anniversary

Congratulate your customer on the date of their first purchase with you, with ReloadMailing you make sure your store is always top of mind.

Birthday Email

Email your customers a "congratulations" email on their birthday with a discount code or coupon to celebrate their birthday.

Review Request

Remind customers to review your products. Customer reviews are very valuable for organic rankings (SEO) but will also drive new sales to your store.

Responsive Email Templates

Responsive email templates make sure that your customers will read the emails correctly regardless of the device they are on.

Measure the impact of ReloadMailing

Keep track of the performance of your ReloadMailing campaigns with a clean statistics overview including open rate, generated revenue for each email and other data.

Google Analytics integration

We auto-tag all the emails that get send with ReloadMailing. This way you can easily see al the traffic ReloadMailing drives to your store and the revenue that it generates.

$14.95 – $44.95 / month

  • Starter: $14.95 up to 5000 customers

  • Medium: $24.95 up to 10.000 customers

  • Large: $34.95 up to 15.000 customers

  • Enterprise: $44.95 up to 20000 customers

14 days

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