Relocate Address Editor

Relocate Address Editor

von Crowd Control

Let customers update their address for unfulfilled orders

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Simplify Customer Service

Self-serve address editing means less emails from customers asking for help so you can focus on more important things.

Save On Postage

Put an end to money wasted on postage for a shipment that will never arrive due to a wrong address.

Stop Inventory Loss

Shipping errors mean lost product and lost revenue. Letting customers update shipping information themselves saves time and money.

Über Relocate Address Editor

Give customers the power to update their shipping address

Whether a customer made a typo, selected the wrong auto-fill, forgot an apartment number, or moved before an order could be fulfilled, that shipping address needs to be fixed or someone is going to have to pay to resend their order (and likely cover the cost of lost product). Relocate by Crowd Control simplifies the process by allowing customers to update the shipping address for unfulfilled orders, saving everyone time and money.

Relocate reduces shipping errors and customer service requests for:

  • Typos and auto-fill errors
  • Shipping delays for pre-orders or out of stock items
  • Subscription orders
  • Change of address requests

Relocate can be enabled/disabled as needed to give you control as to when customers can edit their address. Customers can edit their address using the following convenient locations:

  1. Order confirmation page after checkout (default)
  2. Order confirmation email (optional)
  3. Order details page from the customer’s account (optional)

Admin features include:

  • Enable/disable address change capabilities
  • "Update message" to communicate critical details with customers (e.g. processing times)
  • Control which address details can be changed (i.e. lock fields that might increase shipping costs)

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

The Canadian Shield

Just installed this app after continually running into issues with customers inputting incorrect shipping addresses. 10/10 recommend - this has already made a huge difference. Requires a little bit of coding, but once it's working it saves a ton of manual time updating orders and tracking down shipments.

Sage & Sill

This app should be so much more popular than it is! What an easy way to reduce support emails, and it's free!!


This app has help reduce a lot of contacts. Our website is pre-order based and a lot of orders are old, when it comes down to paying for them the old address is present. Sending a payment request doesn't allow the customer to update the address (which I find odd). However, once they pay for it the order status page has the "address updated" button from this app. Customers are also able to update the address for this open orders via the account page which is a plus! I highly recommend this app for stores that have orders that take longer than a month to fulfill.