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Remember to Ship

Remember to Ship

Developed by Kreger Research LLC

Price: $1.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Reminder emails can be delivered to as many email addresses you like.
  • You decide how long an order remains 'unfulfilled' before you receive a reminder email.
  • Keep customers happy by remembering to ship promptly.

Have you ever received an order, but let it sit as 'unfulfilled' in your Shopify store? Perhaps you forgot to ship it, or perhaps you shipped it, but forgot to mark the order as 'fulfilled' inside Shopify.

Problem Solved

In any case, this app will send you email reminders when you forget to fulfill an order. You may decide how long to wait after an order is placed before receiving any emails (for example, 24 hours).

Once the order is fulfilled, you will receive no further emails, until you leave another order for too long.

Furthermore, you may have the email reminders delivered to as many people as you like, automatically. So, if you have an employee responsible for shipping, this is a great way to remind them to ship orders without having to double check on your own.


You have reminders set up for unfulfilled orders after 24 hours. A customer places an order, and nobody fulfills it. You receive a reminder 24 hours after the order was placed. If the order remains unfulfilled, you receive another email 48 hours after the order was placed. Emails automatically stop after all orders in your shop are fulfilled.


After installing the app, open it by clicking "apps" in the sidebar of your Shopify store admin. If you do not see the "apps" link in the admin sidebar, be sure that you have correct permissions to work with apps on your store (most users have this automatically).

Once the app opens, you'll see a sidebar menu. Click "Create New Email Subscription." Enter your email address, and how long you would like to wait before receiving your email notification. We suggest at least 24 hours. Otherwise, you may be unhappy receiving too many emails.

You may create as many subscriptions as you like. Each subscription should be set up with a different email address. You may choose a different frequency for each subscription, depending on your needs.

Each subscription will only receive one reminder email, even if there is more than one unfulfilled order in your store. This way, you don't get too many emails.

Disabling email notifications

If you would like to stop receiving emails, simply visit the app through the "apps" link in your Shopify admin. Then, click "Edit or Delete Email Subscriptions."

Modifying a subscription

If you are getting too many emails, and want to have them sent less frequently, you may also change the frequency of emails by editing the number of hours before a reminder is sent.

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App concept is great. Just what I need to remind my fulfilment team to ship their orders.

How do I customise the message and subject tho?


$1.99 / month

You may set up as many subscriptions as you like with this plan. If you have issues, support is provided via email. Responses are handled within 24 hours during business days. Support requests on holidays and weekends will be handled the following business day.

14 days

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