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13. Juli 2023

We've tried other scheduling apps but nothing compares to IzyRents. I'm honestly astonished at how quickly their support responds to requests and just how easy they are to work with. I asked for some minor color customization and had it done within minutes. Absolutely fantastic!

Edit: I had an issue with bookings and got immediate help. They patiently helped me find the issue and I couldn't be happier with the support I've received.

eBike The Beach
Vereinigte Staaten
2 tage mit der App
26. Juli 2023

I have been thoroughly impressed with IzyRent. The app has solved several issues with my niche and specific business model which has been amazing. The other incredibly valuable thing about IzyRent is how responsive the developer is. I have submitted a request for new functionality, and was blown away to find that functionality added within 24 hours. A really useful app with superior customer service. Thanks IzyRent!

Clutter Collect
Etwa ein monat mit der App
19. Februar 2023

We tried every booking app on here before we landed on this one.

It's fast, reliable and uses Shopify's CSS so isn't bloated like the others and looks consistent with the Shopify UI.

The devs respond instantly to any queries (not that we expect that level or response) and are friendly and supportive.

We hope to work with the developers to help make this the most feature rich Booking App on Shopify but as it stands, everything it does do, it does it better than all others we tried.

Vereinigtes Königreich
5 tage mit der App
3. August 2023

The service is excellent, thank you! The individuals behind the application are very responsive and available to help make the application on my website as perfect as possible. Nothing to report about the usage of the application so far. I highly recommend it!

2 tage mit der App
20. Juli 2023

This app works great with Shopify. It's simple to use and setup and when you need help their support are very efficient at resolving the issue. This app focuses on the important features you need in a booking app and allows Shopify to do the rest. I highly recommend!

ATCO's Community Equipment Program
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
6. Februar 2023

I can not fault this app!! Any question I had (and I have many daily) it was answered within minutes no matter the time of day. If the app wasn't able to do something, they created it for me to allow me to continue to utilise the app!
The absolute best service ever :)

27 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 11. April 2023

Searched through about 20 scheduling apps to find one that would work for my needs as a handyman. The people at IzyRent went above and beyond helping me to get there app to perform the way I needed. Very grateful for there time and app.

Chief Handyman
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2 monate mit der App
10. Januar 2023

As a niche retail rental business, it has been challenging finding apps to support our rental logistics and confusing price points. We are glad we found this app and we have been doing pretty well on it.
Whenever we reached out, they have been responsive too.

Looking forward to more functions and developments. :)

9 monate mit der App
11. November 2022

I experienced some issues on my theme, and their customer service was very quick and helped me debug and figure out what caused the issue. It was with another app, but they still helped with solutions and guidance.

Bryggeriutsalget AS
11 monate mit der App
17. Januar 2023

I wanted longer texts in the automatic emails. I notified them and within few minutes they made it possible. Amazing service! Thank you

Murra Studios
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