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17 juillet 2023

I have had nothing but problems with this app. It keeps detaching itself from the calendar I set up and I have already dealt with support over this issue before and it keeps happening. I'm over it.

Impulse Music Co.
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
SPEAZ a répondu 20 juillet 2023

Sorry for your bad experience with my app.
I’ve checked my mails but i saw you never reached me about that specific issue ?
I’m usually very fast at support, i've answered all your previous support requests and fixed your issues in matter of minutes but I can’t help you if you dont contact me in first place ?
I know it can be frustrating when things doesn’t work as it should be. But there can be plenty of causes like the theme you are using, some app conflicting or even a misconfiguration who is not related to my app at all!
Also i tried to reach you multiple times for get more information about the issue you encountered but i got no answers from you.
Unfortunaly I cant help you if you dont want to be helped! :-/
Anyway, you can reach me anytime, and i will be happy to make you change your mind about the app!