Rentals and Reservations

Rentals and Reservations

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Rentals and reservations made easy

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Set rental policies

Manage both rental and selling products in the same shop. Require agreement to rental policies. Charge rental deposits

Manage rental schedules

Avoiding double-booking. Provide customers visibility into availability. Maintain control by setting blackout dates

Price by rental term length

Modify pricing by length of rental term

Sobre Rentals and Reservations

Rentals and Reservations by StreamThing

Rentals and Reservations is a powerful, easy to use booking system that enables your customers to rent or reserve your products. Rentals and Reservations ensures your customers have visibility into your complete availability and can make bookings without conflict.


  • Provide customers visibility into up-to-date availability for all products to enable them make their reservation choices
  • Avoid double-booking by automatically blocking off dates with existing reservations
  • Enforce reservation policies like minimum/maximum rental period lengths


  • Capture reservation start and end dates in orders
  • Automatically block out already reserved dates
  • Modify pricing based on reservation period length
  • Blackout days of the week or specific dates where reservations cannot begin
  • Set minimum reservation length
  • Set minimum and maximum lead time to begin reservation
  • Customize text labels without coding
  • Change language for date selection display
  • Use product specific reservation profiles
  • Require customers to agree to rental policies
  • Charge deposits to protect your rental assets


  • After installing the app, select the plan that meets your needs
  • Modify the app General settings as needed.
  • If making product specific settings, ensure you select the product on the "Product settings" tab and save the settings
  • Tag any products that are available for rental with the tag specified in the app settings. Set the inventory policy for the products available for rental to "Don't track inventory"
  • The app will automatically place rental start and end date pickers in the product page for the appropriately tagged products

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  • Basic plan plus:

  • Customize text labels

  • Process up to 99 orders per month



  • Business plan plus:

  • Set product specific options

  • Require agreement to rental policies

  • Charge rental deposits

  • Unlimited orders per month

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3.0 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Halloween Stockholm

The app takes some getting used to, but when you get used to it, it's got the actions I'm looking for in a rental business. Support is quick and helpful!!


It looked really capable, but didn't work at all. I pasted the tag onto my detail page (tried both the template and the section template) and it just wouldn't appear.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

22 de outubro de 2020

Sorry to see you had a bad experience with the app. Due to the variations in Shopify themes, it is impossible for an app to work consistently with all themes right out of the box. If you had reached out for support, I would have been happy to help fix any conflicts that may exist with your theme. Do please feel free to reach out for any assistance you may need.


Guerrilla Gravity

This is app is VERY limited in functionality, especially considering price. Note that for Shopify Plus users, this app offers only one price point: $99/month!

Showstoppers for us (other than price)... It has no backend calendar to view bookings, no way to edit/view/delete bookings, not even a notification email for bookings (that I can find). The "Manage rental schedules" feature advertised on the app page is very misleading. So the management side of the rental process is wholly missing.

There is also no support for variants (e.g. a rental product with multiple sizes/colors/types).

What did work well was the simplicity of blackout dates and rental policies. It was easy to select weekends as blackout dates, for example, so that rentals could be not started or returned on a weekend.