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Customer Reorder

Customer Reorder

Developed by MEKU Apps

32 reviews
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  • Allow Customers to Re-Order from their Previous Orders
  • Enhances the Customer Account page to Easily see items in each Order
  • Increases Sales, Improve Customer Retention & make your Loyal Customers life's easier!




Ultimate Reorder has the following improvements:

☛ From the 100% Responsive Reorder page customers can add individual products or whole orders to their cart.

☛ Incentivise your customers to buy from you again with automated reorder discounts

☛ Detailed Reorder Analytics - telling you Exactly how much revenue the reorder app is generating for your shop!

☛ Plus it has a massive 60 day trial - so we encourage you to give it a try for FREE today!



Can your customers easily reorder in your shop? Our App uses a Auto-Installer that detects your Theme and seamlessly adds ReOrder to your Shop in a matter of seconds! Should it not be for you - we also have an equally seamless Uninstall - although we are confident you will love it!

Key Features Include:

☛ Enhance Account page with an Order Summary & Re-Order Options

☛ Compatible with almost every Shopify Theme

☛ Auto-Styles to your Theme's Font's & Colors.

☛ Fast 'No Coding' Installation

☛ Includes a Re-Order button within each Order page.

How does ReOrder help your Customers?

If you have a shop where the product's you sell will be ordered on an ongoing basis by your customers - then why not make that easy for them! That is where ReOrder comes in - it add's direct reordering functionality to your customer's Order Details page within their Account. So when they wish to place another identical order with you - they simply press the "ReOrder" button on their specific order and ReOrder will automatically add the order items to a new sale and take them to the Checkout - Easy!

    Direct benefits to Customers include:
  • No more adding items one-by-one each time a customer wants to reorder with you.

  • Offer an alternative for those customers who don’t want to enter into the commitment of a recurring order – if you are using those Apps on your shop.

How does ReOrder help you as the Shop owner?

People are more impatient than ever and expect everything to be easy - so why not make it so?! Making the process of Re-Ordering available to your customers via an enhanced account area means it is a fast & convenient action for them to take. This will result in more frequent sales and in turn increase your customer retention.

Is Re-Order for you?

Do you have customer’s who place similar or identical orders with you on an ongoing basis? If not, do you want to? If either of those answers was Yes - then Re-Order is for you!

Give you Customers the flexibility to easily reorder all the items from one of their existing orders with a Single Click - No add more adding items one-by-one each time they want to reorder with you.

Works with Almost every Shopify Theme - Free & Premium!

We have tested and customized our Auto-Installer for almost every Theme on the Shopify Theme Store. Make sure you check out our Theme Compatibility List to see if your Theme is on our list - if not, just tell us - we will add it for free!

Top Notch Support!

MEKU Apps (creators of Customer Re-Order) take customer service very seriously. 

For any and all general inquiries you can visit our Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP (within 3 business days as a maximum - but generally much quicker).

We have this great Help Center - which we constantly update with any questions we receive from Customers.

For our customers (and for anyone installing our App) we have a direct Chat within our App. Although we are not always there to man the post given we are in Australia - we will always get back to you quickly to answer your question or help you in any way we can.

Customer Reorder reviews

32 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Not going to go into long details but this app is garbage. I've installed it 3 times and every time I open the app, it does not load and keeps giving me this page that says 'NoMethodError in Reorder#dashboard'.

Customer service is unresponsive and crappy. I've emailed these people 6 times regarding this issue and have not heard a single response back yet. And to think I was happy that this was a free app.

Free or not, there is no excuse to ignore your customers and still consider yourself a professional business. Me leaving a 1 star rating is already bad enough, because your business isn't even worthy of 1 star.


Just opened the application, so this is not a full review, but I wanted to correct some of the past reviews: There is now a feature that allows customers to go back and edit the cart's quantities and/or add additional products when they choose to reorder a past invoice. Your customer will simply select reorder and checkout, then click on "Return to Cart" in the bottom left-hand corner of the checkout page. In "View Order Details", there is a help icon that explains this to the customer. Note: This feature is not shown on the demo site, so it must be relatively new.



Had an issue with the pop-up reorder not popping up correctly. So contacted their support team last week and have heard no reply back. They say to wait 3 business days, but it's been past 3 business days and I have not heard anything back yet. Which I should have guessed this would happen given all the bad reviews they have on this 'Reorder' app and their other 'Ulitmate Reorder' app but yet I wanted to give them a chance anyway. Free or not free, you should always provide great customer support towards your customers point blank! NO EXCUSES! and if you can't do that, then you have no real business calling yourself a 'Boss' or 'Entrepreneur' because real entrepreneurs and true professionals don't ignore and diss their customers for days on end with little to no response at all. Don't even make sense for you all to create apps and not check in on your customers to see if the app is performing well, answering your customers questions, etc. You know things you do to actually show your customers (consumers) you appreciate them and their feedback! Meku or whatever the name of your business is needs to get it together, go back to the drawing board and figure it out or something because ya'll customer service skills and response time is horrible, unprofessional and sucks!


I am not very happy with this application because it doesn't work well. The customer can only re-order from their previous order but can't go to cart to add more products.So it's not good for business. I tried to contact the app developer but they never repplied in 2 weeks. Shopify tried also witn no success. So my customers can't use well this application.No recommend it!



Customers CANNOT edit their cart, despite what online documentation says. Tech support has ignored ALL attempts to reach them about this.


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


Integrates nicely and works well. Not much fuss with this app.


Very fast and easy to install. Excellent coding!


Free is great, but customers can't edit their carts - only reorder EXACTLY what they ordered last time.


We love this! This has allowed 80% of our customers to save roughly 20 minutes every time they order. The design is great, easy to use and it even matches the colours of my store. Thank you Meku for making this free. I recommend this to any store, THANKS ONCE AGAIN!


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