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Repeat Customer Notifications

Repeat Customer Notifications

Developed by Little Stream Software

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  • Want to retain repeat customers but don't know when they place an order?
  • If you don't know when your repeat customers are buying, every day you're losing opportunities to build a loyal customer base
  • You need visibility into your repeat customer purchases

You've seen repeat customers come back to your store. Sometimes you'll recognize their names, other times you'll recognize their addresses, but the majority of them you can't remember - especially at your order volume.

Even if you're only getting the standard reorder rate of 27%, that's a lot of repeat orders everyday. With 100 orders every day, that's 27 reorders.

You know you should treat your repeat customers better

What really hurts though is that you can't treat returning customers any better because you don't know when a repeat order comes through.

You know that great feeling when that local store remembers your name and what you bought last time? How do you do translate that online when you all you see is Order Number #10292 to be shipped to 123 Main St.?

Wouldn't it be nice to know who are one-time customers versus repeat customers?

It would be nice to tell a difference between an order for a new customer and a repeat customer. Then you would have the opportunity to treat repeat customers better, reward their loyalty, and not lose them to a competitor.

What if you could immediately tell when an order is from a repeat customer?

Imagine if you could be notified immediately when a repeat customer places a new order.

Instead of mechanically processing every order, you're notified when a repeat order comes though.

  • Then you can add a special 'thank you' note to their packing slip.

  • Or throw in an extra bonus item to show how much you value them.

  • Or you know, an unexpected gesture.

Basically, the kind of things that people love to post to Facebook or Instagram which create goodwill towards your company and products.

Without visibility into your orders, you're just guessing with customer retention

You can't do any of this until you get visibility into your which orders are for your repeat customers. Once you do have that level of insight, you can put any customer retention strategy in place.

Repeat Customer Notifications give you this visibility into your repeat customers

Well, with Repeat Customer Notifications, you will have this visibility into your repeat customers.

You'll get automatic email notifications telling you every time a repeat customer places a new order.

With notifications that appear directly in your email, you won't have to dig into Shopify's dashboard to find your repeat customers and their orders - you'll know immediately.

Send your notifications to anyone

These notifications will be delivered directly to you or anyone on your staff.

  • Want your business partner to hear about them so you can celebrate? No problem.

  • Want to include Daryl in shipping so they can throw in a bonus product? Easy.

  • Want to notify your supplier so they can handle it directly? Can do.

You don't even need to give everyone Shopify accounts.

Know when repeat orders come in, automatically

You'll be equipped with an app that automatically keeps you updated when your repeat customers reorder.

Get started today, with a free trial

You can start getting notifications from your repeat customers right away, in under four-point-five minutes from now.

  1. Click the green Get button (or right here) to install Repeat Customer Notifications.

  2. We'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store.

  3. We'll setup your email notifications.

  4. Your free, 14-day trial will begin.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started.

Your first repeat customer notification is waiting

Now get ready. Your first notification will appear with your next reorder.

Then for the next 14 days you'll receive immediate notifications for every single repeat order.

P.S. Reorders are one of the most valuable parts of ecommerce stores. For a store that gets 100 order day, if you don't have any repeat customer notifications setup you're missing out on at least 27 opportunities to improve your relationship with your repeat customers. Install Repeat Customer Notifications and improve your customer retention.

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