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6 de agosto de 2023

I was charged for three months and was never able to access over 2,000 recordings! This app isn't worth it .

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Quase 3 anos usando o app
Conversion Bear deixou uma resposta 7 de agosto de 2023

Hi there,
Popcorn was used by your account since October 2020.

Since it was installed, we have not received any support ticket or email by your account. Our team is available to help through a live chat and email. We will be happy to solve any issues as they arise.

Please note the app billing plan was *manually* activated by the store admin on March 23rd, 2023.

As any other Shopify app billing charge - it is visible in plain sight inside each and every Shopify monthly invoice, under the "Apps" section.
A charge will be automatically deactivated once the app is uninstalled.

We have a satisfaction guarantee policy through which any of our accounts can be refunded with no questions asked.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance via email - support@conversionbear.com.

18 de julho de 2023

It doesnt show all time customer spends on site. Often you can see on the replay that customer is already scrolling next site and you CANT WATCH CART AND CHECKOUT to check where and why customers buy. I dont recommend it

21 dias usando o app
Conversion Bear deixou uma resposta 19 de julho de 2023

Please note apps (and I mean *any app*) can not record inside Shopify checkout pages due to security and privacy reasons. In fact, Shopify blocks any scripts from loading inside checkout pages.

This means, it won't be possible to watch customers while they are inside the checkout page as they fill in their credit card details and other very sensitive information which is considered PII (personal identifiable information).

Popcorn is designed to follow very strict privacy rules, keeping all sessions anonymous. Otherwise, you (as a merchant) might face severe legal issues. In other words, this set of rules is there to keep you safe.

As such and by design - sessions will be cut off at the point where customers proceed to checkout. That is the most common reason for a recording freeze.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

You can reach out to us directly via email support@conversionbear.com

1 de outubro de 2021

App is not accurate. I see missed checkouts. I go to see how the customer user experience was and I don't see anything recorded.

12 dias usando o app
Conversion Bear deixou uma resposta 1 de outubro de 2021

Thanks for sharing your concern.

You're right - we will not record inside checkout pages due to obvious security and privacy reasons. It's also not technically possible with any other app or service (as Shopify blocks any 3rd party scripts in checkout pages). While Popcorn shows an indication of an abandoned cart, sessions will cut off at that point.

In case of missing sessions, those can be caused by:

🐇 Bounce
Your customer bounced off the page - visited for a very brief time and left.
This is highly common, you can compare it to your Google Analytics bounce rate.

🤖 Bots
Your store is being visited by internet bots. There are plenty of bots that scrape the web to gather information. For example - Google uses a bot for site indexing. These are not buyers - they go on your store, pick up the technical info they need and leave.
Popcorn will not record these visits.

⏳ Loading times
The app only kicks in and starts recording after pages finishes loading. Why? because we do not want to interfere with your store loading speed. So on each page, the app would not run, until the page is fully loaded. Depending on your customer (or yourself) loading speeds - this might appear as shorter sessions than they actually are.

In case of missing parts in the recording itself:

Some parts of the "video" might be missing, as it's not really a video.
The app simulates your store HTML and visitors mouse movements.
It's more of a frontend simulation of your store.
You can read about session recording technology here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_replay.
If we would record a video - that would make your store unusable as it would take the entire bandwidth.
That said, we are constantly working on improving the HTML simulation on our end to reduce missing parts. But, we can't technically guarantee 100% coverage. I'm afraid no simulation engine can.

Last notes:

✅ Popcorn has a satisfaction guarentee - if you're not happy with the app, we will refund you in full. That's why I always recommend comparing it with other engines. Multiple apps can run at the same time so you could easily compare results. I believe you'll find we provide the best product in the category.

✅ I hope that the other 153 five star reviews with vouch for the app's quality, value and our support team's level of service. Our customers always come first.

We're here to help if you decide to give the app another try in the future.

Sometimes, things just don't go as expected but I think I deserve a chance to help you fix the issue you had and provide you with great service and make sure you are happy with it.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.

Best wishes,
CEO @ Conversion Bear

18 de julho de 2023

doesn't work on Dawn theme, you can only see the annonce bar, first image, and the footer but all without text, just white background. Same issue as propel replays

9 minutos usando o app
Conversion Bear deixou uma resposta 19 de julho de 2023

Hi there,
the app works across dozens of stores who use Dawn - it is not limited by a specific theme.

You've mentioned you are experiencing the same issue you had when using a different recording app (Propel). As such - the error is coming from your specific theme files, and not the app.

It seems that you are trying to view an app or a custom element which is located on top of your main page.

Some elements are wrapped inside iFrames which means we (or any other recording app) do not have access to their code, and can not technically record them in the view. That does not mean they won't show, it just means they would not be presented inside a recording. In these cases, we render widgets as gray blocks.

The root cause of apps not able to render iFrames is because the app simulates your store HTML and visitors mouse movements. It's more of a front end simulation of your store, rather than a video. You can read about the technology here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_replay.
If we would record a video - that would make your store unusable as it would take the entire bandwidth.

Thank you for your understanding and happy to answer any questions directly - support@conversionbear.com.