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5 juni 2022

It's good if it's not stuck. Noticed when visitors visit my site & look at multiple items I can't see the complete replay. The replay just stops after the first item view. I have reached out about my issue twice with no response. will have to look into another play back app.

Dress Indulge
7 månader användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 6 juni 2022

Hi there,
We will not record checkout pages due to security and privacy reasons.
So some sessions will be cut off at that point.

In addition, some parts of the "video" might be missing, as it's not actually a video. The app simulates your store HTML and visitors mouse movements. It's more of a front end simulation of your store, rather than a video.
You can read about the technology here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_replay
(If we would record a video - that would make your store unusable as it would take the entire bandwidth).

As such, some HTML elements might result in error in the simulation. We are constantly working on improving the HTML simulation on our end to reduce such cases. But we can't technically guarantee 100% coverage.

We have responded to your initial messages 9 days ago, please check your email inbox for more information.