Popcorn Replay Customer Visits

Popcorn Replay Customer Visits

door Conversion Bear

Watch your customers in action. Replay session recordings.

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Watch your customers in action

Numbers alone can’t reveal how customers really interact with your store - we can, with our first e-commerce dedicated session recorder!

Eliminate guesswork

Track each customer’s journey from the minute they enter your store until the sale is complete. Find and remove blockers instantly.

Simple and efficient

One click to record. No code needed. Experience your store through the eyes of your customers, identify problems and save sales.

Over Popcorn Replay Customer Visits

NEW FEATURE: Mobile session player

Experience your store through the eyes of your customers

When examining your buyer journey through numbers only, you are likely to overlook crucial store experience pitfalls. When it comes to your buyers - don’t stay in the dark. Now you can experience your store through the eyes of your customers!

Shopify Stores use Popcorn Replay to assess what's working, repair what isn't and evaluate new ideas. Session recordings help you focus on the things that are important, and eliminate elements that are less effective or harmful - saving you both time and money.

Track sessions

Tracking your customers’ clicks, taps and mouse movements makes it easy to identify usability issues on the fly. Use this information to discover problems in your add to cart and checkout flows, and solve them early on.

Dedicated for e-commerce only!

We built this from scratch with 1 person in mind - you. Get access to our unique customer timeline. Observe significant events like product page visits, cart page abandonments, and fully converted sessions. Pinpoint the biggest opportunities for improvement to save time and money - focus on what matters most.

Discover pitfalls and save your sales

We record live sessions on any device. See the browser, location, device and OS per each live session recording. Discover technical bugs and pitfalls early on. Act quickly to fix them, recover abandoned carts and win more sales.

GDPR ready

Popcorn Replay session recordings meets GDPR regulations. Our live session recordings are completely anonymous - all data is anonymized, and we do not have access to personal customer information. As such, you can safely replay live session recordings.

Easy 1 click setup - developer free

No developers needed! Popcorn Replay works instantly with any store theme with 1 click. From the moment you enable the app in your store it will record live sessions on any device.

Around the clock support

We take pride in our dedicated support team. As store owners ourselves, we are determined to help you grow your business and reach your sales goals.

Key Features

  • Record and replay live customer sessions
  • Records customer sessions on any device - desktop, mobile or tablets
  • Share recordings
  • Exclude your own ip from recordings
  • Watch recordings on your mobile device
  • Bot filters
  • Exclude countries from recordings
  • Bulk delete sessions
  • View a timeline of each customer's significant actions - products viewed, cart viewed, checkout begun and checkout completed
  • See browser, location, device and OS information inside every recording
  • World’s first e-commerce dedicated live session recording app
  • Works out of the box with any other app or theme
  • Activate the app in 1 click and start recording today


Gratis te installeren

7-day free trial included. Plans start at $9.99 / month.

5.0 van 5 sterren

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Been meaning to leave this review, but I wish more apps were like this one, where they actually provide value and have a support staff the actually helps or is existent. Thank you guys I will forever be a longtime customer!

She's Bae Boutique

This app has been so awesome, it allows me to see what my customers are viewing on www.shopshesbaeboutique.com and make adjustments to my main page for features. It also helped me see that I had something that shouldn't of been on my product page from the customer standpoint. Dope app, absolutely love. Also, it allowed me to see when my students found my website with the infamous Sherpa Gate!


OMG! LISTEN THIS APP IS THE BEST! I CAN SEE EVERYTHING THAT A CUSTOMER DOES ON MY WEBSITE. Sorry for shouting but seriously I would recommend this app. I saw an issue I need to get fixed after viewing what one of my customers was viewing. Much love to Troyia Monay on youtube xoxo Furrtoes

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

16 februari 2021

Hey there Troyia! thanks for the lovely review, we subscribed to your channel - keep doing awesome work 🙌❤️