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1. maj 2023

First, this and the sister app 'Data i/o' provide the data tools you need, that Shopify does not. We evaluate these apps based on performance, responsiveness of the support team and price. These guys win on all 3 points!!

Sales by customer by month and dozens of other reports, fully automated - AWESOME!

We also provide a daily 'stock on hand' report to some of our resellers - the Data i/o team sorted the report in less than a day, and it runs flawlessly in the background.

The support from the team is very fast and excellent, now that I know this data tool is availble,we'll be making more use of it.

Well done, guys!!! Thank you for this excellent pair of apps!!

Apex Chassis Wholesale
Cirka en måned bruger appen
19. maj 2023

Really powerful app, especially with the support offered with creating custom reports, managed to get third party apps pulling data into report pundit & sending an automated report out each week. very happy with the results

Spa Supplies
New Zealand
29 dage bruger appen
15. august 2023

I cannot recommend this app and their support high enough. If you use variants and need the ability to see products ordered very quickly without having to do any manual manipulation, then you need this! Sree created two custom reports for me that LITERALLY saved my team 10+ working hours each week! Absolutely amazing.

Dapper Designs
10 måneder bruger appen
20. juli 2023

I've been using Report Pundit for over a year on several Shopify stores and could not be more pleased with the app and customer service. First, the app is extremely powerful and I've yet to run into a scenario that Report Pundit could not handle. When I run into a situation needing a very complex solution, I reach out to support via live chat and have a solution in place in minutes. Most Shopify apps I use take days for an answer.

I've used Report Pundit on everything from a bookstore to retail to a coffee shop. This app is one of the default apps I install on every store. I highly recommend this app for its features and amazing customer service.

C of O Bookstore
2 måneder bruger appen
10. marts 2023

Hi! Report Pundit seems awesome. We just recently switched from a hybrid system using Square as our POS in our brick-and-mortar boutique, while using Shopify for online sales... to now using Shopify for BOTH our store's POS and online shop.

So I needed to figure out how to run my sales and tax reports from Shopify alone without the help of Shopventory (which we had been using for reporting and for syncing Square to Shopify.)

With Report Pundit I can create & use the same reports I was using with Shopventory so - that's a win!

Report Pundit customer service has been awesome so far. They helped me build reports then modified them as needed, so the reports are all ready to go without me having to do much except explain what I need. Amal and Tony have been helping me a lot on chat and email. Highly recommend! Thanks, Amal and Tony!

Squasht Boutique
6 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 3. januar 2023

Because Shopify can't do it, you need Report Pundit. I found myself here while trying to generate a report on Shopify, clicking the filter button, adding a column, losing my work, and finding out that I can't filter for certain values in the same report. Don't let Shopify waste your time, get this app!

With Report Pundit, everything is easy to set up and get running. Chat support is friendly and can help you customize more complicated queries on the fly.

Highly recommend.

Cirka 2 timer bruger appen
22. juni 2023

Great support, does exactly what I needed. Has lots of different report options and features built in. However, the support team was able to create a custom report for me within a couple of minutes. Definitely recommend!
2 dage bruger appen
8. september 2023

This app has been super helpful to gather further insights for our Shopify store than Shopify currently offers! It is easy to use, has tons of pre-made reports already at your fingertips and has a customer service chat available if you need support. I recently had a question on how to create a specific report for my store so I reached out to the chat and within minutes Yash created the report I needed and sent it right back to me - it was so simple & extremely helpful.

Mad Dog Lacrosse Team Stores
7 dage bruger appen
10. marts 2023

Report Pundit helps us manage the data from multiple stores efficiently and accurately in one place. Their support is incredibly responsive. They solve the problem and then follow up to make sure their solution meets your needs. The ability to have large reports emailed when completed (instead of waiting for them to load) or scheduled at intervals saves considerable time. They are a core part of our business processes.

3E Love's Wheelchair Heart
Cirka et år bruger appen
30. december 2022

Report Pundit is a superhero to the rescue. We are on a multi-currency Shopify website. Given the complexity, we needed a third-party app that would allow us to crawl specific data for our tax reports and many others. And, it was made possible by Report Pundit's presentment's feature. We are able to extract tax-relevant data according to the currency that our customers see and pay for. Now, we can export these reports in real-time. No downtime indeed! Thx you!

Lil Helper
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