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4. oktober 2022

This App has been so helpful. Specifically, I needed to export our product IDs and a tag from Shopify, and the built-in reports with Shopify couldn't pull that data together. The support team at Report Pundit was available at all hours, ran the report for me, and got me what I needed in just minutes. They were very helpful. Highly recommend.

Footwear etc.
5 dage bruger appen
8. december 2022

Great app! I got this because I used another Shopify app to edit some orders and it completely messed up all of the inventory and reporting feature of Shopify. I needed a reporting app that allowed me to filter out a number of things from the reports. This one seemed to fit the bill, but I had some difficulty figuring it out. So, I contacted the Chat support and Jeff was AMAZING!!! Got my reports looking amazing... and with ACCURATE reporting... in a matter of minutes. This app is a keeper.

Cirka 7 timer bruger appen
16. maj 2023

I love this app. I've used it for several years in a few different stores. I use the shared link and scheduling functionality to report to partners. The support team is amazing. They are responsive and generous with their help. They will jump into my reports if needed to make sure they are working and setup correctly and add a formula or extra column to make sure I have what I need. Thank you to the team at Report Pundit!

Joma Films
21 dage bruger appen
18. april 2023

We LOVE Report Pundit. They provide excellent support and have helped us out by creating customized reports as needed just by emailing them. We manage multiple stores and they are great about compiling reports across multiple stores too.

Che Ecru
Cirka et år bruger appen
7. august 2023

Report Pundit is an excellent Shopify app, that provides streamlined KPI reporting for online stores. The ability to customize reports allowed for a holistic view of crucial business metrics. This greatly simplified decision-making and strategy formulation. What sets this app apart is its support team. Their responsiveness, patience, and deep understanding of user needs were commendable. The service was beyond my expectations, providing quick solutions to all queries. Report Pundit is a truly powerful tool that delivers precision and ease, making it indispensable for any Shopify store owner. A must-have for data-driven decision-making.

Sac de Jour
3 måneder bruger appen
22. september 2023

We recently had the pleasure of using the Report Pundit app on Shopify, and it's been nothing short of amazing. The app is incredibly structured, detailed, and offers everything one could need to generate comprehensive reports.

I especially want to give a shout-out to Vamsi who provided exemplary customer service. He was extremely responsive, patient, and went above and beyond to assist me. His dedication to ensuring that I had a smooth experience truly enhanced the overall value of this app.

For anyone considering a reporting solution on Shopify, I wholeheartedly recommend Report Pundit. You won't be disappointed!

STIIIZY Hemp Wholesale
3 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 15. september 2023

I just started using Report Pundit, and it looks very user-friendly. I'm really impressed with customer service. They helped me right away to build a couple of reports.
Updated review September 15/2023 - We signed up for the monthly subscription and it's been great. I have the reports I need without upgrading to the next tier with Shopify. Customer service is fabulous!

Collegiate Corner
5 måneder bruger appen
16. november 2022

This app has a whole host of useful reports that you can adapt for your own needs, and if you can not find a generic one, support will make you one up tailor made in no time, at no extra cost.
Even after moving to the Shopify advanced plan, it is still no comparison for the breadth of data you can analyse with this app.

Suzannah London
12 måneder bruger appen
13. juni 2023

Super useful app and has a lot of features that are cool and really insightful and helpful. I can't recommend this enough. Another stand-out feature is customer support. Would like to express appreciation for Soniya who took to time to patiently understand my requirements and provide the customized report that we needed. Awesome support.

Cirka en time bruger appen
29. august 2023

5 Star support when I needed to run a report using a custom field. They helped find a solution and got my new report up and running in minutes. Good work!

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