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Fecha de modificación: 1 de febrero de 2024

This app offers a lot of reports and customizations.
I had to make some custom reports and after a lot of problems I finally have what I need.
Anyway, I have to say that the support can be really incompetent: most of the time I asked for some small adjustments, they change things that they are not supposed to change, they avoid doing what you ask and they directly change your report without saving any copy. I had to fight in order to have the correct reports and this is quite unacceptable. You really need to invest in qualified support.
The only good support guy in your team is Dominic, he always understands my needs and delivers accurate updates to the reports following my request.

Ghidini 1849
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27 de noviembre de 2023

Gave it a test run. Not loving Report Pundit. The UI and the actual reports are not as impressive as other reporting apps. And the lag time to generate a report is painfully slow. Guess I’ll stick with the Metorik app which seems more polished. It’s just slightly more expensive, but worth it for my needs.
Estados Unidos
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Fecha de modificación: 3 de mayo de 2021

I have experienced incorrect inventory and now incorrect sales history. Chatting with someone to help fix the issue is just a waiting game. Its obvious they are mutli-tasking.

The Blank Pineapple
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