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15. Februar 2024

Shopify has many limitations when it comes to reporting, especially when more apps and add-ons are added. Report Toaster has been a game changer when it comes to all of our reporting needs and has filled in the many gaps that Shopify has with their analytics/reports. Report Toaster has customizable reports with many filters and columns you can add depending on what you need to see, plus they have amazing customer service. If you need a report that they don't automatically show, someone in customer support will have a meeting with you and create a report that meets your needs. They also will meet with you just to simply walk you through how their platform works. They will listen to your needs and show you how they can meet them. 10/10 would recommend!

Peak Ski Company
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 20. Februar 2024

Thank you for the kind in-depth review; we're so glad that you've been able to take full advantage of the app and have been able to get great value out of our services and support. :)

28. Februar 2024

Report Toaster is a great app and a big improvement over the standard Shopify reports. It provides a ton of flexibility in building reports and I personally love the scheduled email reports feature. I have several reports scheduled to be delivered right when I need them. The support has also been amazing in customizing certain reports. Finally, the price is right too. I would highly recommend Report Toaster for anyone looking to work with more advanced reporting than what Shopify offers.

Paria Outdoor Products
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10 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 7. März 2024

Thanks for the great review - happy to help out with your reports and glad to hear that you recommend our app :)

5. April 2024

Report toaster is a life saver at tax time and throughout the year when checking up on individual product sales, specific demographics, etc.

The support team is SUPER AMAZING when it comes to helping out if you're learning the tools.

F-Life Games
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9 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 10. April 2024

Excellent, glad we could help you out and get you all the reports you needed (especially during tax season!). :)

2. Februar 2024

I'm a relatively inexperienced user of Shopify and needed a tool to create some proper reports around aspects of my customers... we are a retail-subscription based hybrid that needs to keep track of customers that drop in and out of our program.

The software has allowed me to create highly customized reports, easily, which is exactly what I need to manage the day to day, create sales and tax reports, but also organize the data in a way that really helps with my marketing planning.

The team has been great to respond when I've had some challenges and are quick to resolve things... I cannot recommend this platform (and this team) enough!

Cantoro Wine Club
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4 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 5. Februar 2024

Really glad we could help you out, and we appreciate the kind review :) Thank you!

21. Februar 2024

George and the team at Report Toaster really earn their money. He goes above and beyond at helping us generate the EXACT reports we need from Shopify. The team there do not hesitate to roll up their sleeves and spend literally hours building and customizing reports to your specifications. Best bargain on the Shopify App store!

Palm Beach Autographs LLC
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8 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 7. März 2024

Appreciate the kind review, glad we could get you everything you needed and ensure everything was set with your reports :)

27. Februar 2024

Really great reporting app that covers the gaps left by the standard Shopify reporting features. For our needs, we need current data for inventory and forecasting, and there's a ton that you can do in terms of custom reports. We also had reporting needs specific to our situation, and George was more than happy to go above and beyond in finding ideal solutions (which he did), and took the time to understand what those needs were in the context of our industry over a couple of calls. For what Report Toaster will enable us to do, it'll end up being terrific value for us given it's competitive pricing compared to similar reporting apps we've trialed - highly recommended!

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15 tage mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 7. März 2024

Appreciate the great review, glad we could get everything you needed setup for your store :)

20. Februar 2024

Great Support!

They will even help you build a custom report and save it to your dashboard!

James Cress Florist
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4 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 7. März 2024

Thank you for the review, happy we could get you sorted!

4. Januar 2024

We've been using Report Toaster for about a year now and are very happy with the service. Their templates are a great resource and easy to get started/customize. We've also been very happy with the customer support and George in particular who has created several highly complex reports for us. He's extremely reliable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your contributions!

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12 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 8. Januar 2024

Thanks Marcella for the kind review, happy we could get you everything that you've been looking for and that we could help you out! :)

18. Januar 2024

They are doing amazing with highly customizable reports. We communicate the report logic and how we want the report to look like, they will organize it in a nice and presentable way.

Hotel Scents
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Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 24. Januar 2024

Appreciate the great review, always happy to help!

10. Januar 2024

This afternoon, I had a niche question on configuring a report. I used the chat function and was connected with George Bailey-Kirby who provided absolutely outstanding, white-glove support. Answered my questions, configured the report on my behalf, and saved it to my account within a few minutes. Way above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.

Regarding the platform overall: I wish we had found this app sooner - it's an incredibly robust reporting platform that solves so many problems we have had to find ways creative ways to work around. Feels pretty weird to be so pumped about a reporting platform, but here we are! -DJH

Voxel Dental
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4 monate mit der App
Cloudlab hat geantwortet 18. Januar 2024

Appreciate the kind review - glad our support & platform have been so helpful!