Report Toaster

Report Toaster

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Hassle FREE custom REPORTS and Analytics. Export and Download.

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Free Your Data

Includes over 80 pre-built reports, real-time analytics, multiple export formats, and customer support. What's not to like about that?

Easy to Use, Yet Powerful

Unlimited custom reports using ALL your store's data. Filter, sort, and segment any way you like. Our simple user interface makes it easy!

Save Time and Deliver

Export and download reports as CSV or PDF files to format and share. Not sure how to build a report? Let us do it for you!

Om Report Toaster

All of Your Shopify Data - Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing Report Toaster, created by Cloudlab. An extremely powerful reporting and analytics app available for Shopify merchants.

Access any data in your store to create and export custom reports across all of your sales channels. You can also select from our list of pre-built reports.

Need a custom report? Contact our team of experts to create it for you.

What Makes Cloudlab Different?

  • PRIVACY is our first priority. We do not sell or share merchant data! Our apps are completely GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • SECURITY is important too. We protect against unauthorized access by your staff or by cybercriminals
  • SUPPORT when you need it. Our staff is always available to answer questions or help create custom reports

Report Toaster Features

  • Pre-built reports - from simple data lists to advanced analytics
  • Create custom reports from any data in your store. This includes orders, draft orders, transactions, products, customers, sales, financial, tax, and more
  • Filter, sort and segment data any way you like
  • Customize columns - group and aggregate to get totals, counts and averages
  • Drill-down with a click to access more detailed views
  • Export and download data in PDF and CSV formats to Email or use in Excel
  • All reports are based on real-time data
  • Run against real or test orders - great for when a store has yet to go live
  • Simple user interface allows anyone to create amazing reports
  • All data is presented using your regional date, number, and currency formats
  • All report dates and times are displayed in your local timezone

Your Data, Your Reports

  • Product data
    • Products
    • Product Variants
    • Tags
    • Collections
    • Cost and Profit
  • Inventory
    • Low Stock
    • Out of Stock
    • Products Not Sold
    • Empty Collections
  • Customer Data
    • Customers
    • Customer Addresses
    • Tags
    • High Risk Customers
    • Most Valuable Customers
  • Customer Journey Data
    • Referral Information
    • Landing Page
    • UTM Parameters
    • Google Ads
  • Order Data
    • Draft Orders
    • Orders
    • Order Export
    • Sales Channel
    • Tags
    • Order Risks
    • Returns
  • Financial Data
    • Payment Transactions
    • Finance Summary
    • Taxes
    • Refunds
    • Shop and Checkout Currencies
    • Payment Gateway Fees
    • Shopify Payout Reconciliation
  • Sales Data
    • Sales by Channel
    • Sales by Customer
    • Sales by Collection
    • Sales by Product
    • Sales by Product Variant
    • Sales by Tag
    • Sales by Vendor
    • Sales by Discount Code
    • Sales by Checkout Currency
    • Includes Retail (POS) Only Versions
  • Profit Reports
    • Profit by Product
    • Profit by Product Variant
    • Profit by Vendor
    • Profit by Channel
    • COGS

Kan integreres med

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF),
  • Excel (CSV),
  • Google Sheets (CSV)

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I used this app to understanding our sales report better. The apps is very useful, the customer service is responsive. And customized reports are available. I strongly recommend.

Udviklerens svar

23. juli 2021

Thanks so much for using our app! We are always glad to help with any reporting needs.

Yards Store

Great functionality and extensive choice of fields to export and when something wasn't available the team managed to sort it really fast and effectively! Really pleased with the whole experience!

Udviklerens svar

19. juli 2021

Thanks for the kind words and glad you like our app. We are always glad to help!

I use this app to help me get better overview of many things including best selling items compared to current stock level. The support is amazing and the app is really user friendly. I can highly recommend it.

Udviklerens svar

9. juli 2021

Always happy to help. Thanks for your support!