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  • Access real-time insights of all your sales, cost of goods, fees and gain margin.
  • Access your Facebook Ad costs.
  • Automated and easy fulfillment process.

Synchronize your shop with our app to save time and make your business tasks a lot easier.

With only few configuration steps, our application takes care of all parameters to calculate your sales, costs and gain margin.

Your dashboard displays all your missing configurations as well as a link to set up your parameters.

We will show you in the dashboard all your missing configurations, and a link to set up your parameters.


Access real-time insights of all your orders, costs of goods, transaction fees, Shopify fees, Facebook Ads spend and other customized costs!


This amazing feature allows you to create seller profiles and link them to their products. When your seller accepts a list of orders in either CSV or Excel format, all you have to do is to add the seller's email address to the product and with one click of a button, the application generates an orders file for each seller while giving you the possibility to check the orders and send the file via email. Interestingly, this app also calculates the costs you send to your seller in the orders list making this process seamless.

When you've received the backtracking numbers from your seller, just upload the file. The application sends the tracking numbers to Shopify, fulfils the orders and notifies your customers with their tracking numbers!

  • ✔️ Automatically add Facebook Ads spend to your costs

  • ✔️ Add historical COGS ( Cost of Goods Sold)

  • ✔️ Add Custom Costs such as your monthly software spend

  • ✔️ Add Shopify transaction fees to your costs

  • ✔️ Add your bank transaction fees to your costs

  • ✔️ Get sales insights: cost and gain margin displayed on your dashboard

  • ✔️ Automatically fulfil your orders

  • ✔️ With just a click, generate and send orders file for each seller

  • ✔️ Automatically send your customers' Tracking numbers to Shopify

  • ✔️ Your orders get automatically fulfilled immediately you upload the tracking numbers file

  • ✔️ Automatically notify your customers with their tracking numbers

  • ✔️Priority email support (within 24-48 hours)


Reportools.shop is richly built and maintained by an integration between the needs of e-commerce and dropshipping experts as well as the skills of our very talented and experienced engineers in web development who were dissatisfied by the tools available on the market which lacked the ability to track all the costs and determine your real profit margin so that you can make the right business decisions!

Our goal is to help all e-commerce companies save time lost in repetitive tasks such as generating the orders file, uploading tracking numbers, notifying your customers as well as provide the right statistics to maintain your profits and move your business to the next level.


Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve your user experience while using our app. We'll use this feedback to create features that match your exact needs.

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