Reports & Orders Administrator

Reports & Orders Administrator

開發者:Creating Genius, Inc.

Reports / Orders Admin - Sales, Orders and Tax reports

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Create Orders

Create Orders

Get Sales Tax Data

Get your Sales tax data. This way you have the data at your finger tips when it's time to file sales tax reports.

Sales Data

Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Sales Totals

有關 Reports & Orders Administrator

Order / Reports Administrator gives you the Sales, Orders and Tax Data reports you need to help you manage your store and assist with your accounting requirements.

Need to know what your total sales for the month or year are? Orders / Reports Administrator is your solution.

Need to know what sales tax you collected and for what county? Orders / Reports Administrator is your solution.

Want to know where your sales are trending? Orders / Reports Administrator is your solution.

Most Reports can also be exported to CSV so you can use your own spreadsheet and data systems to further analyze your data.

Orders / Reports Administrator was developed by Creating Genius, Inc. Creating Genius has been developing software applications since 1993 and Shopify Apps since 2010.

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Cat Coven

I really wanted to be able to use this app, but every time i tried to register the page would freeze and website would refuse to load.

Total Perfume

Excellent add on to our Shopify Store. Easy to use and gives us the Sales and Tax reports we need. We also love the Customer details such as how much they spent and how many past orders they have.