Repp: Direct Selling / MLM

Repp: Direct Selling / MLM


Direct Selling / Multi-level Marketing MLM app

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Multi-level / Direct Selling

Designed for direct sales / multi-level (MLM) selling on Shopify. Built for reps and their networks, not affiliates.

Mobile First, Easy To Use

A mobile-first shopper and rep experienced optimized for Shopify will allow reps to manage customers, genealogy, and drive sales easily.

Enterprise-class / Genealogy

Our team of developers has been building world-class software for the direct selling industry spanning decades.

Repp: Direct Selling / MLM 정보

Premier multi-level / direct selling app made especially for Shopify

Mobilize a network of reps to amplify your brand through the direct sales or multi-level marketing model. Today's brands need omni-channel presence to break through and endure. Direct sales / multi-level marketing is an age-old sales method that offers store owners a powerful channel to grow sales. Tap into your loyalists and most passionate customers - give them an income opportunity representing your products which they love.

Enterprise-grade Commissions, Genealogy, Reporting, and Portals

Repp was designed with direct sales / multi-level (MLM) selling in mind. Where there are other softwares built for affiliates (site operators, blogs, etc), Repp is built for individual representatives to earn through a compensation plan designed by you - the store owner. Our team has been developing direct selling software for decades, providing the tools for reps and merchants nation-wide to thrive. Whatever you can throw at us, Repp can handle it.

Out of Box Features

Design a compensation plan up to 10-levels with infinite genealogy. Manage your rep genealogy in your Merchant Portal. Your reps will have their Repp Portal to track customers, sales, commissions, and reporting. Grow your sales field at your own pace and rest assured to have a software partner to help you.

Important: Store owner must turn off Customer Accounts in Shopify

Customers and their orders must be attributable in the Repp software system or commissions will not be properly assigned. Store owners will have full record of Customers but account management must be done in Repp to preserve genealogy

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2.5% of Monthly Volume (Product Sales Revenue Only), $3.99 Monthly Charge to each Rep

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Worst Customer Service, changed the theme of my store, place a awful pop-up at the top of every page on my website and cant remove it and i have been contacting them for instructions on removing the pop-up but no response its been a week now and they still wont reply

Derma Swiss Professional

Worst customer service ever. This app autoinstalled code into our theme and changed theme liquid, placing a horrible Announcement bar on top of our home. Tried contacting them several times and after 6 days, still no answer.