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29 reviews
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  • Everything you need to fulfill your apparel orders
  • No upfront cost, great pricing, fast turnaround times and unrivaled quality
  • Super easy-to-use, no coding knowledge required. Takes less than 5 minutes to setup!

Trusted by influencers

You’ll be in good company. Arnold Schwarzennegger, Ronda Rousey, Cara Delavigne, Channing Tatum, Britney Spears and many others already use Represent to deliver unique products to their demanding audiences.

Operational excellence at a global scale

Since its inception in 2014, Represent has printed over 1,000,000 units and shipped them to 177 countries all around the world.

Amazing pricing with no upfront costs and no minimums

Represent is able to print products cheaper than your local printer. We buy blanks wholesale and pass our savings to the seller - to you.

We have a global partnership with UPS which allows us to deliver products to your customers all across the globe at low costs.

Let the numbers speak for themselves: if you sell a Gildan Short Sleeve Tee for $29.99 + $3.99 domestic shipping, we’ll charge you just $8.50 + shipping, with the remaining $21.49 going as profit to you. That’s an insanely awesome 71.6% profit margin.

  • Gildan Short Sleeve Tee (S - 5XL) for $8.50

  • Next Level Unisex Fitted Tee (XS - 3XL) for $9.75

  • Bella Canvas Unisex V-Neck Tee (XS - 3XL) for $10.75

  • Sport-Tek Performance PosiCharge Tee (XS - 4XL) for $22.99

  • Bella Canvas Short Sleeve Tee (Female S - XL) for $10.00

  • Next Level The Boyfriend Tee (Female XS - 3XL) for $10.50

  • Gildan Ladies Short Sleeve Tee (Female XS - 3XL) for $8.50

  • Sport-Tek Performance Ladies PosiCharge Tee (Female XS - 4XL) for $18.50

  • Gildan Unisex Jersey Tank (S - 2XL) for $9.50

  • Bella Canvas Flowy Racerback Tank (Female S - 2XL) for $12.50

  • Next Level Tri-Blend Racerback Tank (Female XS - XL) for $9.50

  • Gildan Youth Short Sleeve Tee (XS - XL) for $9.50

  • Rabbit Skins Kids' Jersey Tee (2T - 4T) for $12.99

  • Gildan Unisex Long Sleeve Tee (S - 5XL) for $10.50

  • Gildan Pullover Sweatshirt (S - 5XL) for $15.50

  • Hanes Pullover Sweatshirt (S - 3XL) for $12.50

  • Gildan Pullover Hoodie (S - 5XL) for $18.50

  • Hanes Pullover Hoodie (S - 3XL) for $22.99

  • Phone cases starting at $17.99:

    1. iPhone 6/6+/6S/SE/7/7+

    2. Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/Edge/Edge Plus)

Shipping: $3.99 Domestic, $8.99 International

Unrivalled quality & Printed in California, USA

Our top-notch Los Angeles-based printing facility is able to print over 100,000 units per day. We use the latest technology and employ sophisticated quality assurance processes to ensure the the highest quality possible.

White-labeled dropshipping

Promote your brand and improve your customer loyalty over time.

Easy-to-use product designer

Design your products directly in your browser with our state-of-the-art product designer.

Use our symbol gallery to come up with design ideas quickly, even if you’re not a graphic designer.

How it works

It’s super simple.

  • 1. Click the green “Get” button in the upper right corner and authorize Represent to access your store

  • 2. Design your first product in under 2 minutes, directly in your browser

  • 3. Save your payment details with Represent - you’ll be only charged when you sell a product

  • 4. Start selling your products and make profit!

We’re here to assist you

Do you have any questions? Please let us know at shopify@represent.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Represent reviews

29 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

If there was an option for ZERO stars I would select it. As is my practice, I placed an order for a t-shirt from this company as a test of both service and quality. All I will comment on today is service since I had to cancel the order because the improper sku came up as a small when I ordered an XL. I canceled an initial order, refunded my money and replaced it. Everything looked good until I went to fulfill the order and, once again, the sku was improperly targeted as a SMALL not an XL. I clicked on the customer service email and found nothing more than an error message saying the app blocked the server. The moment I complete this review I will be deleting the REPRESENT app from my Shopify store never again to be bothered by this kind of incompetence. STAY AWAY FROM REPRESENT


I have 5 dropshipping companies plugged into my store
REPRESENT offers the best prices AND Customer Service
As they grow I'm sure they will offer more products
Thanks Represent !

UPDATE APRIL 2018: **As they grow I'm sure they will offer more products ** My prediction was completely wrong. I am sad to report that Represent will no longer be carrying my most popular item Bella Canvas 8800 Flowy Tank. I have 148 designs on these tanks, and I now I have to find another dropshipper . I was given "no heads up" that these were going; other then a 'cryptic' mass email in January that 'some' items will be discontinued. I immediately wrote them saying "I hope it's not going to be the Bella tanks?!?!?! They said they didn't know at that point and then boom this morning April 10 right when I start selling more tanks, they said they were no longer going to carrying them. Why didn't you tell me sooner !?! I really want to see every vendor I work with as a partner, When I make money, they make money and I've made them lots of money since 2015 and I feel screwed. Anyone who sells Women Apparel know that the Bella are the preferred brand for women ugh!


doesnt open well in shopify as re: adding new products...goes back to the original & offers no path to get to other products...this design app is more confusing than others...also color selection of tees very limited


So I've been testing 4 different print on demand apps by ordering the sample to see who will do the great work, I've ordered black sweatshirt and with a really simple icon (4cm x 4cm) on the left side of the sweatshirt, it wasn't any complex illustration.

When I've received it was so POOR quality, I couldn't understand how they could make it like that because as I've said icon was so simple in terms of design.

My experience is so bad, I've thought of the first that this company cares about their FIRST customers, if I haven't ordered a sample, my customer would receive a poor quality sweatshirt.


It took some time before I stumbled across Represent, It seems to be much better then other fulliment companies.


Excellent provider for printed tees. Our t-shirts have been really high quality! Support is pretty helpful and quick to respond. Looking forward to new products in the future.


Software works great. Creating products is super easy. Received a sample tshirt and it looked great, good detail and quality on artwork. Price on phone cases a bit too high though, and if they carried baseball caps in the future that would be nice, as long as price is reasonable. Overall i would highly recommend them.


Super easy setup and a great product designer. Looking forward to see the quality of the print.


Need to continue to build more tracking technology


I love the automatically generated t-shirt design!


It's FREE to install our app, you only pay after you sell products.

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