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12. April 2024

The customer service team is extremely easy to work with and very helpful! Anytime I have needed a custom report made, the respond back with what I need very quickly.

My suggestion would be to offer a tutorial on how to create my own custom reports.

Charming & Main
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7. März 2024

Really useful app with superb support!

3 monate mit der App
7. September 2023

This app is a must for automating the conditions of your collections and creating a real time bestsellers section! Do not hesitate in downloading this, it's been a great success for us.

ColdCuts // HotWax
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2. August 2023

Very happy with the sorting capabilities of this app so we can push OOS items to the end and have more control over the sort order. This will save us a lot of time as we were manually sorting some collections but can now use tags to push products up or down. I had a question about the GA integration as I couldn't get the sorting by pageviews to work as I wanted it and the support team were very fast to assist.

2 tage mit der App
14. Juni 2023

I love it, very easy to use and see a drive up in sales! Items that weren't displayed properly & not selling are now selling better. Highly recommended

Shop Curls
25 tage mit der App
7. Juli 2023

Ok, I am not going to bs you. If you are running an e-commerce operation and do not have this app, you are losing big time. This must be part of the standard Shopify feature. They better buy it and implement it into their core functions. It works flawlessly and exactly as it is supposed to.
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27. Dezember 2018

I rarely find an app this useful, this quickly. I really needed to find a serious way to sort my dozens of collections (with almost 1000 products in store).
It's as close as I could have wanted in order to create a good balance between what's new, best selling and featured items, without having to put too much work into manually editing each collection.
One major feature to put in would be probably giving a value of importance to some criterias like "new", "featured", "sale" or for each x units sold ... something to think about.

Very Bad Geek
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13. Januar 2020

This is a nice upgrade from the other app Out of Stock Police. It gives you more functionality to hide/unhide and sort products according to the needs of your store. Recommend for stores with wide assortments and deep inventory

OpenHouse 繪本公館
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20. Juni 2019

A must for stores selling a wide range of products! The app is great and work as advertised! Suggestion: Would be nice if we could automatically sync/reorganize the collections more than one time a day :)

Sex Shop Pantynova
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17. Januar 2020

Took a minute to figure out exact sorting settings. However it works well and has fulfilled everything we needed it to do.

Aquarium Co-Op
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