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27. März 2023

It seems okay although I am getting progressively upset with the number of emails I receive from the app demanding I leave a review. Can't see a way to turn this off, may just uninstall.

Ancient Arts Yarns
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
EGNITION hat geantwortet 31. März 2023

Hi, Thank you for using the app and for the feedback. We operate like any other business. Customer reviews are essential for the people that work on this app and for the future of the app itself. Thank you.

19. Januar 2020

The product can be useful. There are a few weaknesses though. The one which made us have to remove the product, was that it you become forced to use the manual sort as default. This is not desirable for many. We have a need fora sort option of Quantity in Stock which this product would solve. But we want the option available to the visitor and not for it to be the default option when they come to the page. The developer claims that it would require a complete overhaul of their coding which does not seem correct. It would require a simple few lines of code, a toggle switch and would make it more useful for many more customers.

Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation
Vereinigte Staaten
9 tage mit der App
12. Oktober 2017

I was sent here by a Guru when I asked if there was a way to sort collections by inventory. Sadly this app doesn't do that - imo this seems like a pretty obvious thing to allow owners to sort by?

This app doesn't do that, but it does:
1. put your best sellers at the top
2. puts your newest items at the top
3. puts your out of stock items at the bottom

Shopify already does 1 & 2 (although this may be better at it) and as for 3: shopify lets you hide out of stock items.

All-in-all, this app doesn't do very much :/

Vereinigte Staaten
8 minuten mit der App
EGNITION hat geantwortet 31. Dezember 2019

Thank you for your review. In the past two years we have introduced a number of functions that significantly extended the options merchants have to merchandise their collections. It includes sorting by tags, inventory levels, discounts applied, ability to recognize products on backorder as in or out of stock, advanced management of the bestsellers logic.
You may want to check it again!