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Offset Carbon. Restore Nature. Plant a Spekboom

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CO2 Generated

Every time your customer purchases something, a small amount of CO₂ is released into the atmosphere.

CO2 Offset

Your customer can plant a spekboom in the Karoo, or several of them, to offset their CO₂.

Environmental Costs Lowered

Result, the environmental impacts of consumption are lowered. By offering this to your customers, your brand gets the green kudos.

Su ReSpek Nature

ReSpek Nature Carbon Offset

ReSpek Nature on Shopify provides a trusted platform that allows any consumer to offset their carbon emissions with a click.

ReSpek Nature offers an opportunity for your customers to neutralize the carbon impact of their purchase. The installation is automatic, with no technical skills required, making it simple for you the merchant. For the customer, it's a single click to contribute. Their contribution is added to their total, and billing is handled automatically by Shopify - no admin hassle for the merchant.

The spekboom is considered a miracle plant that is endemic to the Eastern Cape Karoo region, South Africa. The tough and hardy shrub is considered one of the best plants in the world to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

ReSpek Nature has access to hundreds of hectares of land that can be planted out with spekboom. The plant itself nurtures biodiversity, binds and locks nutrients into the soil, holds water in its stems and leaves, and restores the indigenous thicket. The plant has been known to live to up to 300 years.

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Installazione gratuita

$1 per spekboom (R10 in SA), paid at checkout by customers who opt-in, and at no cost to the merchant.

5.0 stelle su 5

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Clearly our customers see the value of using ReSpek, as most contribute to this worthy initiative. Thank you for improving our customers shopping experience. Highly recommended.

Gush Valley

ReSpek Nature is a great way for our customers to offset their carbon in a simple and effective way. We also really like that fact that the more spekboom they need to plant, the more jobs there will be for a rural community in poverty. Wonderful project! Thanks!

Mr Hardwick's

Great option for adding a simple & efficient carbon offset option to your store, responsive developers and a great initiative!