Responsive Cookie Consent

Responsive Cookie Consent

af Appify Commerce

A simple and responsive extension to display cookie banner

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Full compliance with EU cookie

Ensure you are in full compliance with the EU cookie with just one click!

Responsive and Easy to use!

Cookie banner is device responsive and no other steps required to do app setup!

Customizable cookie banner

Customizable unobtrusive banner with no coding necessary!

Om Responsive Cookie Consent


Cookie consent comes from the EU Directive 2002/58/EC. The directive, which all member nations adopted, essentially tasked individual governments with setting up laws supporting cookie consent. With a few exceptions, the laws generally require you to get informed consent from users for any non-essential cookies.

Essential cookies would be things like ensuring safety during online banking. Non-essential cookies are basically anything that’s not integral to the functioning of the website. AKA all ad tracking cookies.

Technically, the law applies to any websites based in or targeting EU member states. Now, because of the difficulties of enforcement, you probably don’t need to care if you’re outside the EU. But if you’re based in the EU, you should be taking this law seriously. Though they don’t seem to be a frequent occurrence, there have been some very real fines handed out as a result of the laws.


To stay on the good side of the law, you need to collect informed consent from your readers. What actually constitutes informed consent? You need to Inform users about the use of cookies in plain, jargon free language.

This includes:

  • Why you use cookies
  • Whether or not the cookies are essential
  • What type of cookies you use
  • Whether only you or third-parties can access cookie information That the cookie will not be used for other purposes
  • How users can withdraw their consent (the easiest way is leaving your site!)

Most sites typically inform users by a simple notification bar with consent buttons and a link to more information.

Here comes "Responsive Cookie Consent" :

It helps you organise and display above information on your Magento site easily with small setup. It has below features:

  • Simple and responsive extension to display the cookie consent message for cookie usage by site.
  • Once user clicks on "Close" button it disappears for specified days, by default it is 31 days.
  • You can place link for your privacy policy page from options available in backend.
  • Easily change styles and text of messages.

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