Apps are your recipe for success

Apps let you quickly and easily spice up your new Shopify store, so you can get back to focusing on your food

A man writing menu items on a chalkboard in a restaurant
Screenshot of restaurant website with an Instagram feed

Design for any taste

From decor to playlist to silverware, you worked hard to set the right mood for your guests. Apps make it easy to put the same care into your website.

Product Reviews

“I’ll have what she’s having” might work in the dining room, but not online. Let your customers sing your praises a whole new way with this easy review app.


Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Put your gorgeous food photography to work by adding your Instagram feed to your store—no coding required.

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A takeout box of pasta with toppings and beverages

Find new food-lovers

That chalkboard on the sidewalk needs an upgrade. Smart marketing apps can help you reach a whole new clientele with less time and effort.

Facebook channel

Promote your tasty treats to the right audience, right now, on the world’s largest social network.

Free to install

Google channel

Now your ‘world famous’ specialty can truly be found from anywhere in the world, with easy and free product listings on Google.

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A screenshot of a customized email template from a restaurant

Keep the conversation flowing

Apps like these can help you check in with your regulars, chat with new customers, and lend that human touch—no matter how far the distance.

Shopify Email

Encourage repeat customers by sending email campaigns that automatically include your restaurant logo, menu descriptions, and prices.

Free to install
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