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  • Powerful business intelligence tool. Know which are your top demand products!
  • Keep your customers with you. Retain them. Inform them of product availability!
  • The most technologically advanced tool for back in stock notifications

Make your customers come back if you're out of stock!

Having your customers or visitors leaving your site because you've run out of any of your products is disappointing.
Restock is the perfect and most advanced Shopify tool which allows you to automate the tedious "back in stock" process.
Visitors simply enter their email address and get an automatic notification when the products they are interested at are available for purchase again.

The most robust Restock Shopify tool with the most powerful technology and the prestige of Microapps, the #1 Shopify Apps Crafter.

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Restock reviews (10)


Email notifications have not been sending. I have emailed many times with no reply. I will be moving my business else where. DO NOT BUY!


I could give it 5 stars because we haven't had any serious issues with the app, but the only thing our customers complain about is the pop-up window for being notified when a "sold out" item becomes available is not mobile device friendly. For example, using an iPad or iPhone, the pop-up does not look right and doesn't function correctly.


La app funciona bastante bien y nos es bastante útil. He tenido una experiencia maravillosa con el soporte que me han otorgado a través del correo electrónico para la personalización de la app. La recomiendo al 100%


After a bit of setting up, this app works like a champ. This app tells us what people are wanting and points out where we need to have more inventory. We never have to think about it and best of all we save tons of money not having to keep track of and send out notifications manually. Such a lifesaver.

The team was also super helpful in getting this app integrated into our store seamlessly (which is saying something because we're picky). Even with the time difference, they went out of their way to contact us at reasonable times in our own time zone even though it was 10-11 at night in theirs. They have also made it clear that they can customize the look and layout of how it looks on our site as well. :)

I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to spend less time worrying about menial tasks. Especially if you have a lot of products/variants in Shopify.



Had trouble at first as the notification tab wasn't showing up. Got in touch with support and were absolutely brilliantly helpful - all sorted now and works just as intended and hoped!

A**** :)


despite of many reminder, and mail requests, it's been tanking more than 3 weeks for customer support come back. the problem is not fixed yet. so many bugs on software side, showing The end user clearly see the "Restock logo" on the request pop-up window which shopify owner does not want to show, etc. do not recommend for shopify users. I will give "zero" star but only allow me to leave one start to post this comment

+++++++++ Aug 2014
Received a contact from Alexandre Saiz Verdaguer <a@alexandresaiz.com> a few month later of the above post. here is the copy & paste texts of the message received. We couldn't believe this.. instead of solving the problem, try to revise our feedback for everyone to know...!?

Alexandre Saiz Verdaguer <a@alexandresaiz.com>
Subject: restock - Shopify


Would it be posible to have a chat in order to see if you can reconsider your review on our Shopify app?




Love this app. Apart from notifying our customers when the product is back on stock, it tells us how many customers are interested so we can move fast. Its easy to install and very customisable.


Great app. Lots of functionalities and good customization tools!


Very disappointed with this app and the poor level of customer service offered from them as well. I have been using this app on and off and there have been several bugs and issues with the way it works.

Right now we have over 90 products in store. 95% of those products are in stock. However, the restock app chooses to display several of my items out of stock, although I have it set not to track inventory through shopify.

So therefore I am losing customers who think the products we sell are out of stock, when in reality they are not.

What's worse is, I have contacted the company with my issues, and they take several days to respond back. When they finally end up responding, instead of reading my issue and coming back with something relevant, they instead tell me how to use the app and how it works. As if I was doing something wrong and didn't know how to use it.

Don't waste your time or your money unless you want your store to lose business! Hopefully someone in management will read this review and wake up and get there act together.



It's just what I was looking for. I have a lot of customers who was asked to let them know when items will be back in stock and I'm always being worried to forget about some of them. So the app is great, very easy to install and to use. I even will advertise new option on our Facebook page :) Thanks

Free – $7.99 / month


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