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25. leden 2019

Seriously? WTF is going on? I thought the last app was bad...this one is worse. Way more steps to print a simple label. When it does print, Its too small to read, and I have to go back to each individual product to print. At least with the old one, it would show all of the new products together. What are you suppose to do after Feb 20th?

Pretty B. Clothing
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13. duben 2022

The app is terrible to use. I selected a Dymo standard label. The labels on the roll are in landscape format. When creating the template in the app, I could also select it without problems. However, the generated label comes - for whatever reason - in portrait format. I can not change or adjust it. After giving up on that, I chose a square template (Dymo 25x25). Here's the next bit of fun. The barcode is cut off due to the lack of font reduction. No adjustments possible. I use Barcode Man now, works great and you can customize many. Doesn't cost much either.

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 21. duben 2022

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this feedback with us. We also appreciate you for sharing an alternate recommendation! That being said, if you need to adjust the orientation of the labels, then you can do that by updating the print settings ( We'd also encourage checking our supported label sizes (

If you need any assistance with our app, then we'd be happy to further assist you through a callback, live chat, or emails. Please visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log into your account to create a support request. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support

24. březen 2019

this APP IS CRAP !!!!!!! My rating is ZERO stars Any high school kid could program a better app then this.

let me use the previous one? The previous one was crap too but at least it was one or 2 clicks to use.

Detroit Surf Co.
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Doba používání aplikace: 32 minutami
Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 1. květen 2019

Hi, there. Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience with the Retail Barcode Label app. I'm sorry to hear that it was a negative one. I've followed up with you by email to see if there's anything we could assist with and to log your feedback for our developers. Hope to hear from you! -Jason, Shopify Support

10. prosinec 2018

Like everything on Shopify....doesn't work. Prints wrong orientation or not at all, but shame on me. Fool me once, when I decided to use Shopify, shame on them, fool me twice, when I thought Shopify would support the hardware they recommend and sell to you, shame on me. There goes another $120 bucks, on the plus side it Dymo printer looks very nice sitting next to the Rollo printer they sold me that also doesn't work. I got a real nice collection of paper weights going on here.

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30. prosinec 2018

I had the original "Barcode Printer" app and it worked well, but this one is juts bad.
Cannot export labels to the DYMO app, and the preset sizes suck!
When it does print its cut off or not proportionate. Gone through 5-10 labels trying to get sizing right.

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20. březen 2019

This App doesn't work at all. I can't print a Barcode!!! Also my Browser crash down if I wan't to open my Template!!!!

Please give me the BARCODE PRINTER back – this App worked perfectly and I had never a problem!!!!!

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 25. duben 2019

Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing these difficulties with the app. I'd love to work together with you to troubleshoot this and get the app working for your business, so I've reached out to you via email. I hope to hear back from you! - Emma, Shopify Support

7. leden 2019

SOOOOOOO BAD!!! The other app so much better, this one cuts off half the product title, DO NOT LIKE! Will be using a new company, have been loyal for ages with the old app but this one is terrible.

Mint Boutique
Nový Zéland
Doba používání aplikace: 17 minutami
24. prosinec 2018

This app is terrible. This app is terrible. This app is terrible. This app is terrible. Bring back the old one.

Mag Park Topanga
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25. červenec 2019

The app only allows for set sized labels. I wish it supported more Dymo label sizes or allowed you to set custom sizes

Purrl Kitten
Nový Zéland
Doba používání aplikace: 13 minutami
Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 2. srpen 2019

Thank you for reaching out with this feedback. I understand how it would be helpful to have more Dymo label size options, or a custom size option on Retail Barcode Labels, so I'd really like to share this feedback with our developers. We’re always working to improve the way our apps work, so we really appreciate you sharing this suggestion with us. I'm also going to follow up with you via email to log your feedback. Feel free to reply to my email for further assistance! - Rae, Shopify Support

20. březen 2019

Please!!!!! this app is trash doesn't work !!! please help us with another one !!!

Iniva Boutiques
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Doba používání aplikace: 13 minutami
Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 25. duben 2019

Hi, there. Thank you for sharing your experience with the app. We're always working to improve our platform and apps, so we appreciate your feedback. I've reached out to you via email so that we can discuss this further. I hope to hear back from you! -Emma, Shopify Support