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Editado a 10 de junho de 2019

This is much better and faster than what we had to us before! It would be helpful if there was a way to choose "recently added products" when going to print, searching fro every new product created takes a lot of time.

Cotton + Rye
Estados Unidos
About 1 year usando a aplicação
22 de janeiro de 2019

I can see why other users gave this app a one star. It doesnt allow much customization on the printer sheets, meaning skus may get cut off a bit, wont print out perfectly. Is it usable? Yes. Is it handy? Yes. Can you use it from a phone or your POS? Yes. Is it diamond encrusted? No. Its nothing special, but it's free. You just need the correct type of labels for your printer.

The Brewmeister
Estados Unidos
11 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 10 de abril de 2019

I use this app at least4x a week for barcoding it makes this work much easier.Prefer it to dymo app.

Into the Blue Jameson Saltwater Ecosystems Canada
11 months usando a aplicação
9 de novembro de 2019

I needed a while to figure out how it works. Lately we don't have any problems. Except it needs a long time to create the barcodes.
Of course, we would be happy, if this app would make it possible to create barcodes and print them directly from the inventary, right when products come in.

10 months usando a aplicação
5 de novembro de 2020

The app is really easy to use. I only wish it would show the SKU on the items after you print the labels, since you cannot see the name on the label after it's printed. I also wish it would fit the name or part of the name of the item on the Jewelry Label and the 1" square. If it had that, I would have given it 5 stars.

Mooey Christmas & Udder Things
Estados Unidos
8 months usando a aplicação
6 de janeiro de 2020

it would be helpful if we could see a history of which product's barcodes have been changed in the last 24 hours! this way we could keep track of which items have been edited and which items not yet, and reduce chances of duplicate.

it is also helpful to move the change barcode for all items at a different spot so we do not mistakenly click it.

Sunday Staples
7 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Shopify 15 de janeiro de 2020

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! Our team works hard to improve our app functionality, which wouldn't be possible without these kinds of insights.

I’d like to chat more about this and I’ve reached out to you via email. Hope to hear from you soon! -Lizzy, Shopify Support

23 de julho de 2019

I use this app to create labels from within Shopify. I wish it displayed the most recent items first.

JJs Designs
Estados Unidos
6 months usando a aplicação
26 de agosto de 2019

I have using this for about 3 months. It gets the job done! I like the customization of what you want on the label, that is very helpful. I do wish it was more accessible directly from the product inventory pages, vs. having to enter the app itself to print labels - but I might just not know the work around. My printer default settings don't seem to line up with the templates 1:1 but that's probably more of my Dymo printer problems than this app.

Wild Isles Swim
Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 23 de outubro de 2019

This app makes it much easier for me to label and manage my inventory, but I wish I had more control over the layout of the labels.

Boutique 1780
Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação
19 de agosto de 2020

It does a decent job but really wish that it would give the option to print barcodes from the order page, I end up entering all of the same information twice.

Detroit Shirt Company
Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação