Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels

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226 reviews
January 4, 2019

Not sure why I have to buy brand new labels because now they are printing Lengthwise instead of the original way. Please don't make this a "have to".

Belle Boutique
United States
Time spent using app: 14 days
Edited June 18, 2019

Terrible. Last one was so much more efficient. It takes more time, more screens, more steps... not as good.

Intrigue Ink
United States
Time spent using app: 6 months
Edited February 5, 2020

Every update is worse and worse. More work and more time spent, just to print barcodes. This is hands down the worst feature of Shopify and one of the most common. I really don't understand why they keep making this app more and more terrible.

Hitchcock Paper Co.
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
January 2, 2019

This app is awful. The other app worked just fine for my business. This app cuts off words and just adds a "..." to the end. Are my customers supposed to guess what the rest of the words say? This app is terrible. Way to make our jobs harder guys!

SWEAT Active Fashion
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 years
Edited January 2, 2019

It seems like Shopify's trying their best to make improvements, but this app is not very helpful yet.

#1 I can now use it in Chrome on my PC! Woo hoo! Before in the old app you could only use it on a PC. I have an iPad, but there's no way to hook the printer up to an iPad.

Here are my issues with it...
#1 - I use the 30332 label and that paper size is not available for me when I go to actually print.
#2 - Instead of auto reducing the size of the product title text, it just cuts it off which is frustrating.
#3 - Creating Barcodes doesn't allow me to pick the size of the barcode from what I can tell in the directions. I'm too afraid to try it otherwise as we have over a thousand variants.
#4 - It's great to save time at the checkout with barcodes, but it sure would be nice to have some sort of inventory update process. EX: Enter Inventory Mode... Scan a label and update how many you have on stock.
#5 - Not sure how to fix this one, but if I just want to quickly print a few of one variant it's click intensive.

Example: 1, Select All Products, type "product name" in search, select product, select more actions, select print barcode labels, find desired variant and enter 3 barcode labels to print, click inside and change the other 5-16 variants to 0, select print, select send to printer, select print again if your print options are correct.

Total time: 53 seconds going as fast as I can.... I have to wait for many screens to load. Total Clicks: 10 including one click as typing in the product name.

Dymo Software: 25 seconds and 6 clicks... clicks including typing the actual product name out.

Conclusion... if the app assigns the correct style of barcode for the dymo printer, then I think creating barcodes for all your products would be awesome with this app. (The old app wouldn't assign the correct style of barcode for me to use the small LW barcodes)

I won't be using it unfortunately to print my barcodes though until they get it to work with the 30332 paper size and work with less clicks.

BTW... I'd be happy to be a tester if you guys need a client to test things out.

Earrings by Emma
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
January 1, 2019

Disappointed with app no adjust-ability, cuts off titles without shrinking, lacking on title adjustments.

Florida Jean Company
United States
Time spent using app: 10 months
December 31, 2018

Half baked. The old barcode printer app was due for some improvements but it worked and this isn't an improvement. defaults to the total number of items in stock regardless of location. Loads of printer selection and print preview steps. When It actually printed for me the barcodes are unreadable by the scanner. Back to the drawing board.

Pippettes dispensary
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 3 days
December 30, 2018

I had the original "Barcode Printer" app and it worked well, but this one is juts bad.
Cannot export labels to the DYMO app, and the preset sizes suck!
When it does print its cut off or not proportionate. Gone through 5-10 labels trying to get sizing right.

United States
Time spent using app: 32 minutes
December 24, 2018

This app is terrible. This app is terrible. This app is terrible. This app is terrible. Bring back the old one.

Mag Park Topanga
United States
Time spent using app: 14 minutes
December 24, 2018

Been unable to print with my Dymo label printer, contacted support but getting nowhere. Basically the app is all setup, when I press print the labels come out but are completely blank! No information on them at all. Printer works fine when printing labels outside of Shopify!

Lillypaws Designs
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 19 days